Owner of the I Love My Kitchen catering service, Giulio Bacicchi is a restaurant professional with twenty years of experience behind him. In Reggio Emilia he is well known for his activities: successful catering and the elegant Prospero, one of the best restaurants in Reggio. I Love My Kitchen is an activity that has been collaborating for years with large Italian companies, from the Max Mara Group to Sassuolo Calcio. Bacicchi's is the story of a great passion for the hospitality sector , from which to take inspiration.

What is the story I Love My Kitchen?

In 2006 I started organizing small caterings in my restaurant, Prospero in Reggio Emilia. The project was officially born in 2009 together with Federico Baldi, a boy who frequented my place and organized events, very curious and interested in the catering reality. So we decided to join forces and create I Love My Kitchen. We therefore found a space for our business, which was far too big at the time, but we grew in a short time. The market response was strong right from the start, the requests increased more and more: first weddings, then private events up to companies. Initially we covered events especially for the fashion sector. Today we deal with catering service for private individuals or large public events.

Who are your customers?

We organized the catering for Vasco Rossi's concert, we are partners of Sassuolo Calcio, Reggiana Calcio, Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio and Pallacanestro Reggiana for the hospitality area. We have many customers and we build events ad hoc, but we always maintain our Reggio Emilia identity.

What type of catering service do you offer?

A modern catering, but with an eye to the Reggio Emilia tradition and quality Italian cuisine. In catering there are some basic elements: service, food and price. We take great care of the service, from the waiters to the mise en place. When companies request a catering service, they are very demanding on this aspect, for example requiring tidy and competent waiters and we want to satisfy every expectation.

Three key factors for successful catering?

In truth there are many more, but the three most important are: a good team, the raw material and speed.

How long does it take to organize your catering?

We are very chameleonic in this, because we are able to organize ourselves even with just one day's notice. Obviously, only for a limited audience of 30/50 people and for customers whose format we already know. With new customers, on the other hand, it takes at least 15/20 days to do an excellent job and build a good project. You need to get to know the customer, understand their needs and make an inspection of where the event will take place to create a menu proposal suitable for the space.

Your catering often features Ice n Roll, right?

Yes, we have offered Ice n Roll to customers who are always looking for something new. We brought it, for example, during an important event at Cersaie - the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna - for an audience of thousands of people. It was greatly appreciated, it intrigued the end customers who were happy to be able to taste Ice n Roll. Then we also proposed it in the hospitality area of ​​Sassuolo Calcio, and it was very successful especially among young people.

Have you experimented with new tastes?

No, for now we have followed the recipe book even if we are studying something for the new season. However, we have enriched the tastes with our toppings and special grains.

What is the success formula for a club?

I believe that the perfect formula is passion for work, research and humility. Looking around, studying and experimenting without ever getting tired, but always trying to improve.

Giulio Bacicchi's advice are footprints on which to walk in order to learn how to manage a successful catering service. And to enrich the offer of your menu, discover the ice cream revolution according to Ice n Roll
March 08, 2018