Opening a yogurt shop in Novara in total autonomy and independence was the decision of Giulia Mantellino, owner of Giulia Yogurteria Creperie . On March 25, 2018 the restaurant will blow out the first candle: a year of sacrifices and satisfactions, of strategies to increase success day by day. Discover the story of Giulia, who relied on the experience of Techfood to be able to keep sales high with Rondò Unika .

Opening a yogurt shop on your own: what prompted you to set up on your own?

When I reached 30, I had the desire to become an owner of myself. I wanted to create and make something that could give me satisfaction, so I decided to open a yogurt shop. And I seized the opportunity: a yogurt shop in my town was closing down and I took over the machinery. Then I added new equipment including Rondò Unika for sweet and savory crêpes, waffles and churros.

This way you can sell in all seasons, right?

Yes exactly. In winter, for example, I also offer hot chocolate served with churros. In addition, the yogurt toppings are also suitable for filling crêpes and waffles, it is a versatile way to cover all periods of the year. Many yogurt or ice cream parlors close in winter, so I can always sell regardless of the season.

What is the feature that struck you about Rondò Unika?

Have three plates with one machine. I can offer multiple types of dessert with just one piece of equipment: it's convenient, fast and space-saving. If two customers come into the restaurant, one wants crepes and the other a waffle, it's easy to prepare them one after the other.
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The Facebook page of the yogurt shop is very active, who runs it?

I manage it. Nowadays it is essential to have an active and proactive Facebook page. The customer must be conquered with the eyes and then with the heart, even when surfing online. If a person looks at Facebook and sees something inviting, they are attracted and curious. The way products are presented on social media shouldn't be overlooked, because that's the element that attracts. Then when the customer comes to the shop, he has the opportunity to try the quality and discover the whole offer.

What is the strong point of its offer?

The quality, variety and alternative proposals. Nowadays there are many people who are intolerant to gluten, for example. For this reason the crêpes on the menu are exclusively gluten free, in addition to the yogurt already designed for coeliacs.
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You were at Sigep 2018, how important is it to stay up to date in the sector?

It's very important, because our work is constantly updated and it's always nice to offer new products to customers. We always need to raise the level, so as not to become monotonous in the eyes of the customer.
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Final question: what must a successful restaurant have?

In addition to constantly updating, it is essential to be yourself. When I decided to open a yogurt shop, I knew the project would become a part of me. The place must well represent the spirit and energy of those who manage it.

Just like Giulia, others decide to open a yogurt shop or a service particularly linked to seasonality. In order not to be forced to close in winter, Techfood has studied a proposal suited to its needs to face the coldest period. If you are looking for a solution for your business, contact us for advice .
January 25, 2018