Pic Nic is one of the simplest solutions among the franchise ideas on the market. Carolina Casillo knows this well and started her own business without complications or obstacles. The Stop And Go is the restaurant that Carolina manages in Piazza Cornelio Tacito in Terni, a place where sweet and savory are offered in a short time and with great quality. Discover Carolina's story and how she trusted Techfood to open a restaurant.
Opening a restaurant: tips for brand identity

What do you offer with Pic Nic?

We offer sweet and savoury, with an eye to the Umbrian tradition to contextualize and differentiate the cuisine of Stop And Go. We have decided to include both savory and sweet proposals on the menu, such as waffles, crêpes and donuts. For now there isn't one flavor that is more preferred than the other, there is a sort of tie. Some days we sell more sweets, others more savory products. It is a factor that also depends on the season. The convenience of Pic Nic lies in being able to fulfill every type of customer request, from a quick lunch to a sudden whim.
Pic Nic: the corner store of good taste

What are the advantages that led you to choose Pic Nic?

Before opening Stop And Go we thought a lot about the fast food format to offer. We were looking for a kitchen service that could take little effort and required little manpower. Among all the franchise ideas only in Pic Nic we have found a complete format that can meet our needs.
In terms of personnel costs, food handling and HACCP, everything is easier. In the historic centre, for example, extractor hoods cannot be used and in this Pic Nic they proved to be the ideal solution because an extraction system is not required.
Pic Nic has simplified both the search and the proposal of products. And that's not all, we were able to start the business immediately thanks to the turnkey formula because contacts with suppliers had already started. The format speeds up time, and it's one of the reasons that prompted me to choose it.

How was the process to open a Pic Nic corner?

From a technical point of view, Techfood helped a lot in getting to know the machines present in the Pic Nic format ( Rondò Unika and Combi Wave ). From the study with Techfood we have also learned to give the right answers regarding the sale to obtain permits and licenses. There was no impediment or problem, everything went smoothly.
The business rules for opening a restaurant

What is the magic formula for a successful establishment?

Definitely the location and the offer, which greatly influence the turnout. What is really important is optimizing: offering a quality product quickly, because today's customers have faster times, people are in a hurry. With Combi Wave, for example, you can offer oil-free French fries in 90 seconds. The preparation is on the spot, and the perception of quality and value increases: in that period of time a dish is prepared for the customer, that moment is dedicated only to him or her.

Successful franchise ideas: Pic Nic stands out among all

To design successful franchise ideas you need innovation, intuition and empathy towards anyone who wants to open a business. Pic Nic was created with the aim of facilitating the process of setting up a restaurant, lightening the load of responsibility of the restaurateur.

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December 22, 2017