Surena Khorwash has chosen to enrich the offer of her restaurant with Choco Kebab, the original chocolate kebab created by Techfood. Frignano Kebab and Pizza offers fast food solutions such as traditional kebabs, pizza by the slice, sandwiches and gastronomy products from Persian cuisine. An ideal refreshment point for a lunch break or to enjoy specialties to take away.
However, Surena wanted to expand its business by also offering a moment of sweetness to its customers thanks to the Choco Kebab station. Discover his experience with the chocolate kebab.

Why did you decide to put Choco Kebab on the menu?

People who came to eat with us asked for something sweet, often after lunch or dinner. Families, for example, after eating, wanted a sweet to conclude the meal. That's why when I saw the Choco Kebab commercial, I was immediately interested. And so we added the chocolate kebab to the menu.

What is your favorite feature of Choco Kebab?

Choco Kebab is a simply brilliant idea. People like the product, anyone who tastes it is amazed. It attracts customers and is simple to prepare.

Are customers surprised by the chocolate kebab?

Yes exactly. In recent years in our kebab shop the most frequent question has been "how do you eat chocolate with kebab?" Everyone is surprised thinking it's a traditional kebab with added chocolate. Then we explain that it is a chocolate kebab and they are even more amazed and enthusiastic about it.

Let's talk about your restaurant, however, how did you decide to open it?

That was the case. I graduated in architecture in Italy, but at the time of graduation it was difficult for a foreigner without Italian citizenship to work in the sector. So I started as a trader first in oriental carpets, then in trucking and then in catering. A friend of mine had a restaurant in Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) that he could no longer manage, and he offered me to take it over. I'm very happy with how it went, because I like cooking and being with people.

What are the aspects not to be overlooked for a successful restaurant?

There are many aspects that depend a lot on the type of venue, but the two success factors that are fundamental to me regardless are cleanliness and courtesy. These are two elements that in my opinion are the key to success.

Surena has decided to expand its business by listening to the requests of its public, a skill that every manager of a restaurant should have in order to improve the offer and the consumer experience more and more. If you are interested in Choco Kebab, discover the page dedicated to the product .
November 02, 2017