Having a kitchen without a chimney was not a limitation for Gerry Scarpone, owner of the Caveau Restaurant in Milan. The restaurant inaugurated last December is already known throughout Milan for two aspects: the offer of crudités and the characteristic internal courtyard with vertical garden. The location in a historic building with limited spaces could have proved to be a problem for the restaurant's offer, which is linked exclusively to cold preparations. However, thanks to Techfood support, the Caveau's vent-free kitchen is able to offer pasta dishes and meat . Find out how with the interview with Gerry Scarpone.

What does the Caveau menu offer?

We specialize in fish crudités. We have just purchased new equipment – ​​Pastaland and Combi Wave – with which we can enrich the restaurant menu by preparing hot dishes.

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Why did you choose Combi Wave and Pastaland?

For convenience, especially with regards to HACCP regulations. Our restaurant is located in a historic building, with a kitchen without a chimney. Pastaland and Combi Wave are two of the few machines on the market that allow you to cook without an aspiration system . Thus we can expand our menu and satisfy customers who prefer a hot dish or meat, rather than fish crudités. We have already thought about including the Australian tomahawk, a steak weighing almost 2 kg, and some types of fillet.

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What prompted you to open the place?

The beauty of the place. The Caveau is the only place in the historic center that has a vertical garden with over 55 types of plants. It is located in a very elegant building, inaugurated during Expo Milano 2015, in the courtyard of the new Monte dei Paschi di Siena branch.

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How much does the location influence the success of the restaurant?

Location goes a long way . The restaurant is located in the historic center, in front of the Castle and at the corner of Via Dante. It is close to the most important stop in Milan, the one that leads to the Duomo.

What are the strengths of the venue?

In addition to the location and the characteristic aspect of the place, the Neapolitan staff. The director, the chef and some of the waiters are Neapolitans and this helps to give the business a decisive imprint. We are open from 11:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the morning: continuous hours, kitchen always open .

And the factors of a successful restaurant?

A successful establishment must make the customer feel at ease , as if he were at home, by providing him with a quality product.

Gerry Scarpone, owner of the Caveau Restaurant in Milan, has chosen to expand the offer despite the kitchen without a chimney. Increasing the items in the menu allows you to increase your chances of selling, with a positive increase in revenue.

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