How to fry without oil? This is the question asked by Fabio Baldoni, while scouring the internet in search of new equipment for his restaurant. The goal was to find an alternative to the classic fryer, because whether it's chips or squid, frying is a main dish for bars and restaurants, but often avoided by customers due to the consequent digestive problems. How to make fried food lighter? Fabio Boldoni, manager of Oronero Cafè , discovered Combi Wave .

Where is the Oronero Cafè?

The bar is located in the main square of Maranello, in Modena, in a central and strategic position near the Enzo Ferrari auditorium. We took over the business in 2002, but the place is a historic piece of the city, existing since the 19th century. We have chosen to maintain a traditional offer, with a pinch of novelty for lunches and aperitifs .

What does the Oronero Cafè offer?

The restaurant offers a complete menu from breakfast to evening aperitif. We offer first and second courses, pizzas, breads, salads and desserts, but above all typical Modena dishes such as crescentine and gnocco fritto . The latter is precisely our forte, in 2013 we were included among the top 10 best places in the Gnocco D'Oro Trophy .

Let's reveal the mystery: is it the dumpling or the fried dumpling?

Strictly THE. This way of saying has taken root in Modena and throughout Emilia and it is very strange to hear yourself ordering a fried gnocco, indeed it sounds really bad.

Along with the gnocco, do you also offer other fried foods?

Yes, we offer fries and other appetizers for an aperitif. Furthermore, in our menu we also offer the schnitzel. All these dishes are fried without oil with Combi Wave , to make them lighter. The fried dumplings, on the other hand, are cooked in the traditional way.

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What are the strengths of Combi Wave?

Surely the possibility of frying without oil is an important additional value, indeed the main reason why we have chosen to rely on Techfood. We were looking for a system for frying without oil and we thought it could be the best solution. We immediately appreciated the ease of using Combi Wave, the cooking speed that helps us prepare quick lunches in a short time , and the quality of the machine .

What aspects must a successful restaurant have?

First of all, there must be passion for one's work, because working in a bar requires a lot of dedication and the ability to appreciate every situation. Attention to the customer is the second fundamental aspect, because only the quality of the service and continuous listening can satisfy the customers' needs.

Fabio Baldoni thus found an answer to the question of how to fry without oil. Combi Wave is in fact the right solution for all those who want to cook, fry and grill without constraints. It does not require an extraction system and can be placed anywhere, the Oronero Cafè has chosen to place it in the kitchen but it is also convenient on the bar counter. Curious to find out more about Combi Wave? Here are a number of reasons why it beats all traditional ovens .

October 11, 2018