Seasonality is a limit for all businesses that have an offer for a defined period of the year. However, it is an obstacle that is easy to overcome by studying a broader and more flexible proposal. If you are wondering what an ice cream parlor can sell in winter , you will find the answer in the story of Marco Buscemi, owner of the Gola restaurant .

Where is the venue located?

Gola is located on the outskirts of Caltanissetta , in a position close to offices, banks and other commercial premises. For the employees of this area we have become a point of reference. We then have the target of young consumers , for whom our restaurant represents a meeting place.

What do you propose?

Our offer is very oriented towards the needs of a young audience . We offer anything an ice cream parlor can normally sell, such as homemade ice cream and soft yogurt, to then enrich the menu with crêpes, waffles and Choco Burgers . We are very oriented towards sweet proposals, we do not neglect the other needs of our customers. In fact, we also offer the cafeteria, breakfast and pastry service. In this way, the offer and purchase opportunities increase , satisfying the needs of our customers.

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What are the strengths of the venue?

We have many: quality , contemporary image, courtesy of the staff, vast food offer, competitive prices and continuous attention to the needs of our customers of all ages.

How did you decide to open your restaurant?

I am very young as well as my business. I would say the desire to want to face a new challenge that would put me to the test.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

Yours is a company that is very much oriented towards point-of-sale marketing communication. I think that today the customer needs to be intrigued and stimulated , and demands visibility of the food offer without which it would be difficult to arouse interest . Thanks to Techfood and its products, I think I can improve my communication effectiveness. For example, the preparation of Choco Burger is done in front of the customer, attracting him even more .

What benefits has Choco Burger brought you?

It has certainly increased the number of visits to my point of sale, profitability and the average value of the receipt. Also there are no unsold scraps. And as I said before, it gave me a lot of visibility into the production processes, which I carry out in show cooking mode. It has given an innovative and exclusive aspect to my point of sale, diversifying it from competitors.

What is the quality you like best about the car?

I can place Choco Burger wherever I want, even outside my restaurant. It's small, simple and quick to use. It consumes little energy and has a strong visual impact for my customers. From a practical point of view, it does not need any particular maintenance.

What can an ice cream parlor sell to be successful?

It must offer natural products, at an affordable price and beautiful to look at, that type of product to be shared on social networks. A successful restaurant must constantly innovate to attract more and more loyal customers and new ones to conquer.

So what can an ice cream shop sell in the winter to keep sales steady? Marco Buscemi's answer is clear: crêpes, waffles, but above all Choco Burger. Discover the new integrated formula Choco Burger and Choco Kebab in a single location : space halved, sales doubled.

November 29, 2018