Can a professional crêpes plate make the difference for a place? The answer is yes. This is also confirmed by Angelo Biondo, owner of Lilie's Club in Cefalù, a place known for having prepared a 25-metre crêpe . Angelo Biondo's goal is to amaze customers and tourists with a wide range, from savory lunches to sweet street food prepared with Techfood's La Crêperie.

What does Lilie's Club offer?

The restaurant's offer is oriented towards our main target, represented by young people and tourists. We have a very extensive menu, which ranges from lunch to the afternoon break up to an aperitif and dinner. In the middle of the high season, we also offer night food. We range from savory, sweet and ice cream proposals.

What is the specialty of your restaurant?

From the catering point of view, the specialties are meat-based first and second courses. We also offer cold dishes, burgers, sandwiches, crêpes and desserts.

Does the location of the venue influence its success?

Yes definitely. Lilie's Club is located in the historic center of Cefalù. We are located on a street with heavy pedestrian and tourist traffic that leads to Piazza Duomo, in the heart of our beautiful city.

What are the strengths of the venue?

Vast and quality offer, fast and courteous service at competitive prices. The family management makes the restaurant a pleasant and welcoming place, with great attention to the needs of our customers.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

I have been using La Crêperie , the professional crêpe straightener for years. I find it very good because it is reliable, simple to use, fast and has allowed me to create a product that in some way characterizes me. I even organized a tasting event by making a 25m long crêpe!

Today the customer needs to be intrigued and stimulated with visibility of the offer. With La Crêperie I think I improve my communicative effectiveness because the preparation of the crepes is done in sight of the customer. In addition, I found a lot of professionalism in the commercial consultants, able to suggest solutions in order to improve the profitability of the place. Under advice, in fact, this year I added your new product: Choco Burger .

What is the quality you like best about La Crêperie?

I can place it wherever I want, even outside my room. It is a small professional crêpes plate that is simple and quick to use. It consumes little energy and has a strong visual impact for my customers. It does not need any particular maintenance.

What are the advantages of having a Techfood machine?

Exclusivity of the offer, to differentiate myself from competitors, to which I would add the increase in profitability, incoming customers and the average value of the receipt. Another benefit is the elimination of unsold scrap. Finally, the possibility of preparing the crepes in show cooking mode.

How did you decide to open your restaurant?

The desire to face a new challenge and to create an activity that would involve my whole family.

What must a successful restaurant have?

A successful place must constantly innovate and diversify to interest more and more its loyal customers and new ones to conquer. It must offer quality products that are accessible and beautiful to look at.

Angelo Biondo has been able to differentiate Lilie's Club with novelties and surprises for loyal customers and passing tourists. When it comes to places for foreign travelers on holiday, it is important to have 4 precise rules in mind, discover them in our dedicated article .

February 21, 2019