Having the right hotel equipment is essential when running a hotel restaurant and organizing events. To host a national and international clientele you need to be ready to get involved with always new proposals, but able to enhance the quality of local ingredients. Does the challenge seem impossible to you? Everything becomes simple with passion and the right tools, as Fabio Lotrecchiano who manages the Gronki Hotel and Restaurant tells us .

Where is your hotel located?

The Gronki Hotel is located in Aquilonia, in the province of Avellino. It is an enchanting area, in that part of Campania known as the "Green Irpinia" which overlooks the Ofanto valley and which attracts a lot of tourism.

Why did you decide to open a business?

Opening my hotel was a real stroke of madness, but I'm happy I did it because I get great satisfaction from my job.

What is the core business of the restaurant in the hotel?

The flagship of the restaurant is the typical cuisine, especially the grilled meat and fresh pasta. We love the short supply chain because it allows us to serve fresh and genuine products every month that come directly from local producers. We often host ceremonies and therefore have to adapt the offer for each type of situation, satisfying customer requests.

The strong point of the place?

Surely the welcome is the strongest point, we put cleanliness and the relationship with the customer at the center of our attention.

Why did you choose Rondò Unika for your hotel?

First of all, I found a very knowledgeable representative who showed me all the potential of Rondò Unika and the 6 interchangeable plates for the different types of sweet and savory preparations. I was very satisfied with the results obtained during the tests, we are definitely starting off on the right foot! I have yet to specialize in crêpes, but I also really like churros and savory preparations. The pods also had excellent feedback, in the various shapes. Rondò Unika is one of the most reliable hotel equipment and I like it for this.

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Last question: the recipe for a successful restaurant?

Passion and professionalism. For this reason I decided to rely on Techfood, on the quality and reliability of its made in Italy machines.

Fabio's recipe is simple: love your job and rely on industry professionals when it comes to hotel equipment . If you are looking for a solution that can help you with your various types of offer, you can take advantage of the Rondò Unika promotion: a pair of plates and 10kg of preparation at a special price.

January 31, 2019
Tags: ristorante