Opening a pasta factory is a business idea that can yield great results if managed with care and attention. Dedicating yourself to fresh pasta means rediscovering the flavors of the past, leveraging on a well-established tradition on the tables of our country. And if the place is in an interesting position and is capable of differentiating itself from large retailers, the earning potential grows.

Just like what happened to Giuseppe Spongano, owner of the Mangia salentino artisan shop. Taralli, pasta and wine . The restaurant is the point of sale where the products of Rosina, the Salento housewife , a pasta factory of her production, are displayed. In addition to the classic baked goods, Giuseppe offers freshly cooked first courses with Pastaland Passion , the professional pasta cooker by Techfood. An extra plus for your place and for your earnings.

How did you decide to open a pasta factory?

Three years ago my place was still a newsstand. Once, passing in front of it, I saw the shutter go down because it was closing and I told the owner that if the newsstand closed, I would take over the business and inaugurate my store. And so it was. The idea of ​​opening a pasta factory was born with the aim of making typical Salento products available to everyone, especially tourists who spend their holidays in Gallipoli.

How much does the location affect the success of the venue?

The location of the venue definitely influences the success itself. It is a restaurant in the historic center of Gallipoli, more precisely in Corso Roma which is one of the main streets of the city. It's a highly crowded area in summer, there are a lot of tourists at that time of year.

What is the strong point of the place?

The strong point is certainly having a varied offer, in order to be able to respond to any request from our customers. We have 13 types of handmade taralli, 7 artisanal pastas, including those with burnt wheat, barley, semolina, spinach and turmeric.

Why did you choose Techfood's Pastaland Passion?

I chose Techfood after doing some research. I saw that it is a leading company in the horeca sector, especially in the type of machine I was looking for. The advantages of Pastaland Passion are quick cooking, simple cleaning and ease of use. I can cook fresh pasta without affecting the quality of the dough.

What must a successful restaurant have?

A successful place must be managed by people with a lot of tenacity. Furthermore, it must know how to differentiate itself in terms of proposals and quality, and not underestimate other forms of sale in addition to the classic one. For example, we make home deliveries and we have a section of our site dedicated to online purchases.

Giuseppe Spongano therefore teaches us that opening a successful pasta factory also means broadening one's sales horizon . You could activate an online e-commerce, or expand the offer in the shop with Pastaland Passion.

January 17, 2019