Cinque idee per festeggiare San Valentino nel tuo locale

Five ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day in your restaurant

Valentine's Day can prove to be an opportunity to do marketing at no cost, for this reason it is very important to take care of and create the right atmosphere in your establishment. A few tricks are enough to make everything more magical.
Linea Combi: a ciascuno il proprio forno per bar

Combi Line: everyone has their own oven for bars

Choosing the oven for bars is not easy. Many determining factors come into play. Find out which is the best solution for your restaurant among the 3 of the Combi line.
Combi Wave batte tutte le soluzioni tradizionali

Combi Wave beats all traditional solutions

The choice of the oven for bars is an important moment because it influences the offer, sales and earnings. Find out why Combi Wave beats everyone in the final decision.
July 12, 2018
Barawards 2017: vota le proposte Techfood

Barawards 2017: vote for the Techfood proposals

Also this year Techfood participates in Barawards, the award to enhance innovation in the catering sector. The third edition of the competition sees more than one hundred solutions competing, discover and vote for our candidate proposals.
Idee per un bar innovativo: Techfood a HostMilano

Ideas for an innovative bar: Techfood at HostMilano

In the latest edition of HostMilano Techfood presented new ideas for an innovative bar, and it was a success. Find out how it went.
Idee originali per bar: tre proposte per l’inverno

Original ideas for bars: three proposals for the winter

Are you looking for original ideas for bars and clubs that will allow you to expand your business and earning opportunities? Discover the proposals studied by Techfood.
September 28, 2017
Street food bike: pedala verso un nuovo business

Street food bike: pedal towards a new business

Ecological, practical and scenic. The street food bike is a new idea to face the street food market with limited investments, reduced shopping costs and a higher profit margin. Discover the Ice n Roll e-bike to move practically towards the success of your business.

Selling ice cream by increasing customers and revenue

With the arrival of summer, customers prefer a fresh and tasty offer. Not only ice cream shops, but also establishments such as bars and restaurants can sell ice cream by creating a corner dedicated to the offer or a personalized menu. With this article you will be able to discover three Techfood proposals that he has studied for places that want to offer ice cream products with success.
April 27, 2017
Franchising di successo, le proposte Techfood

Successful franchising, Techfood proposals

Wired has included Techfood among the 10 most interesting ideas for a successful franchise. Discover our solutions to improve the offer of a restaurant.
December 01, 2016
Idee per locali, le migliori di Techfood in lizza ai Barawards

Ideas for venues, the best of Techfood competing at the Barawards

Combi Wave and Pic Nic in contention for the Barawards 2016 Innovation of the year, the readers of Bargiornale decide the best ideas for bars and restaurants. Discover our news in the race and vote for us.
Arriva Pic Nic, il corner shop del buon gusto

Here comes Pic Nic, the corner shop of good taste

Techfood launches a new entrepreneurial solution that allows you to create a mini store in a simple and totally turnkey way. Pic Nic is ideal for restaurateurs who want to expand their business and for all establishments interested in creating a small corner shop.
May 31, 2016
Ice n roll, il gelato prende una nuova forma

Ice n roll, ice cream takes on a new shape

A plate that instantly creams ice cream. A new frontier for Techfood innovation. Interview with Beatrice Iori, Techfood marketing director.