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Anyone who runs a restaurant knows it well: you always have to be ready to make the most of the most profitable moments , when customers arrive non-stop and there is no more room for other seats. This is why ovens for bars are not all the same , but must adapt to the different types of establishments. Some venues are more attractive at aperitif time, others focus on the satisfaction of a few customers, still others think in terms of large numbers.

For every need, Techfood offers an oven for bars with specific characteristics, related to the frequency of use and the number of seats. The Combi line includes three countertop systems : discover the one that best suits your business.

Combi Masterchef: for those who bet everything on the aperitif

When the atmosphere heats up in the late afternoon, don't be caught unprepared. The restaurant that wants to take care of the aperitif moment can move towards the Combi Masterchef bar oven. It works by infrared and has a patented system for shaking the internal baskets: it is perfect for the so-called "frying without oil" and also suitable for cooking croissants, pizzas, sandwiches, baked pasta, quick first courses and more.

Techfood offers the possibility to purchase the Combi Masterchef bar oven for 132 euros per month , taking advantage of the promotion. Manuel Festa , owner of Bianco Beer Food in the province of Brescia, uses it to prepare samples to be offered together with excellent beers: “The main value is speed. In two years, with just one Combi Masterchef we have prepared 18,000 cookings!”

combi masterchef

Combi Wave: for those who think big

Those with large catering numbers can opt for Techfood's most innovative solution: Combi Wave , a multipurpose and multifunction countertop oven and cooker. Its strengths? It is 10 times faster than other ovens and requires no chimney . Tina Esposito , owner of the Green Garden in Riccione, chose Combi Wave for her place precisely because of the cooking speed. “The speed in preparing the dishes – says Tina –  it is essential for a bar with a large turnout and many requests. Before, it took me about three hours to cook a buffet for an aperitif, but now in less than an hour I have everything ready and many times I prepare the dishes on the spot.”

Equipped with an integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system, it is suitable for cooking and heating an incredible assortment of dishes. “It's not just a combi oven,” says starred chef Eugenia Botti , “but an intelligent cooking system that adapts to any type of kitchen. This allows you to expand your offer”. Thanks to its highly performative nature, Combi Wave is also ideal for large fast food restaurants and other establishments that can handle numerous types of cooking with just one small-sized oven.

combi wave

Combi Wave Smart: for those who are always ready to pay attention to detail

Combi Wave Smart is a more compact version of the Combi Wave, therefore suitable for places that have little space and are covered. However , this bar oven does not give up on ambitions . It is no coincidence that it received the award for best equipment and technology at the 2018 Barawards . Ideal for menus that cover the whole day, it cooks a pizza or hamburger in 90 seconds, without producing fumes or odours.

Combi Masterchef, Combi Wave or Combi Wave Smart: which is the most suitable bar oven for you? Find out with our test , two questions will be enough to understand the most suitable solution for your business.