If when you think of a unicorn ice cream you imagine a product for children, you are very wrong.
Unicorn is the new Ice N Roll flavor born from the collaboration with Foodness, the first Italian company to introduce the concept of wellness in the ho.re.ca sector.

With its enchanting blue color and its precious spirulina algae extracts, Unicorn will accompany you during the hot summer days to amaze your customers with real magic.

But where did the idea of ​​offering unicorn ice cream with Ice N Roll come from? We asked Gabriele Iori, Marketing Manager of Techfood.

What inspired you to create Unicorn?

Like every year, we were at Sigep last January, and we noticed that many players in the sector were pushing unicorn ice cream. Foodness was also among the exhibitors.
During an Ice N Roll demonstration, it occurred to me that we could combine their powder preparations with our bases, to offer something new: we already had a relationship with Foodness because they use our Rondos , and therefore the collaboration is came spontaneously.

Are you satisfied with the partnership?

Absolutely yes! Foodness is an established and recognized brand, very strong on free from products and with a particular attention to health and wellness. Their products are also free from GMOs and hydrogenated fats.
As Techfood we were already entering this market, in fact we are studying the lactose free bases of Ice N Roll and a bio version of Uniko , our preparation for crepes, waffles, pancakes, waffles and cones. The collaboration with Foodness goes totally in this direction.

Which merchants is Unicorn aimed at?

Our unicorn ice cream marries the healthy and free from trends, which arise from the dietary needs of those with allergies and intolerances and from the awareness that food plays a fundamental role in our well-being. We will certainly turn to establishments sensitive to this type of issue, which in turn have a target clientele attentive to what they eat.

In the special launch package we will offer the Ice N Roll machine with 2 kg of free Foodness preparations: 1 kg of Unicorn and 1 kg of Matcha, which is gluten-free. For those interested it will be possible to come and have a demo in the company with our chefs.

unicorn ice cream

Have you tasted it yet?

Yes, it has a very particular, almost exotic taste, thanks to the absence of artificial flavors and the use of cane sugar.
Its blue color is absolutely natural and is given by spirulina algae, a superfood that has an antioxidant action and helps the cardiovascular system.

Are you curious to discover this magical novelty?

To offer Unicorn in your establishment, you don't need a lot of space or ice cream equipment: with Ice N Roll you will have a showcooking station in just 80 cm , to whip up ice cream instantly!

June 13, 2019