Innovative catering is the only possible answer to a constantly changing market. In fact, the world of food service, in addition to literally having to deal with management costs, personnel and selected raw materials, must now adapt to an increasingly informed and demanding clientele.
Growing complexity requires changes and new specific solutions, which often arise from partnerships and collaborations.

Indeed, it is precisely in the name of innovation that the meeting between Techfood and Salomon Foodworld was born.
The German company boasts the widest variety of offers in Europe and makes innovative catering one of the fundamental points of its mission, thanks to constant monitoring and continuous investments in research and technologies.

But what is this collaboration about?
We asked Anna
Knipps, Salomon Foodworld Country Manager for Italy, a few questions.

How long has Salomon FoodWorld been on the market?

For about 40 years. It started out as a hamburger company, but it has always been way ahead. For example, Salomon was the first company to import Buffalo Wings (chicken wings) into Europe from the USA in 1995. Today it is still one of the most innovative companies in the food service sector.

What are the key points of your mission?

Definitely being innovative. This stimulus comes from another very important theme for us, which is that of offering easy and practical solutions to our customers.
Finally, we do not compromise on the quality of our offer. This can lead to a higher final price, but restaurateurs hardly go back after trying our products.

What feedback do you have on the Italian market?

We have been present for more than 15 years on the Italian market. Of the 28 countries we serve, Italy is second only to Germany for the number of orders!

On what occasion did you meet Techfood?

We met personally at the BeerAttraction in Rimini last February.
Gabriele (Iori, Marketing Manager of Techfood) was very impressed by our company and was good at getting himself noticed in the trade fair context, which is often a bit chaotic.

What is your collaboration based on?

Surely on the sharing of some values ​​such as attention to quality and the search for an innovative catering method.
For us it is interesting to open up to the market niche of all those establishments which, due to their size and licenses, cannot cook or fry : Techfood has tested many of our products on its line of Combi ovens , which are perfect for establishments without an extractor hood.
Given the successful outcome of the experiment, they have created an ad hoc recipe book which has already been loaded into the software of the Combi Wave , Combi Wave Smart and Combi Masterchef ovens.
Together, we have created this sales package which offers those who buy an oven from the Combi line the possibility of obtaining a special discount on our products.

Gabriele Iori, Marketing Manager of Techfood, adds:
“We were immediately impressed by Salomon, a healthy and up-to-date company. Their catalog is really large and tells their huge global food culture .
Getting married to a food brand of this level is a great opportunity for us to highlight the potential of our food machines. Thanks to their offer of pre-cooked and frozen products, combined with our ovens, even small places without a flue will be able to offer varied and tasty menus.
The collaboration with Salomon FoodWorld is also excellent for us to further affirm ourselves in the international context, which has always been important for Techfood.”

The two brands will participate together in Gustus , the professional agro-food and wine and food and technology exhibition which will take place in Naples from 17 to 19 November. Don't worry: we'll tell you how it went!
July 11, 2019