Summer is now well advanced and, as usual, the consumption of ice creams is soaring. If until a few years ago finding it was a stroke of luck for celiacs and intolerant people, today gluten-free ice cream is instead a widespread product that fits into an interesting market, that of free from .

The entire restaurant industry, including quick service, is in fact expanding the offer for specific dietary needs. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by Censis, 8 million Italians regularly use healthy products for intolerances and allergies and another 17.9 million from time to time, while there are 12.2 million regular buyers for particular diets.

The ice cream itself would be naturally gluten-free, as are the ingredients of which it is made (milk, cream, fruit, etc.). Not even the bases for homemade ice cream and the pastes normally contain gluten, except in the flavors in which some biscuits, grains, cones, wafers and sponge cakes may be present. However, handling these products close to the counter and laboratory creates an uncontrollable risk of contamination, just like having gluten-free flavors in the same showcase as the others.
Does it seem impossible to get out of this puzzle and offer gluten-free ice cream to your customers? No problem, in 80 cm you can place Ice N Roll and cream a gluten-free matcha-flavored ice cream in just 30 seconds.

We have always been attentive to free from needs , and to offer a cold proposal in total safety we have established a collaboration with Foodness , a leading company in wellness and in offering healthy products for the horeca sector.
This particular ice cream will also allow you to ride another of the food trends of the moment. Bars and restaurants are increasingly paying attention to the quality of recipes, focusing on functional ingredients, i.e. those that have positive effects on one or more functions of the body.

Ice N Roll Matcha, with its intense flavor and a sweet aromatic profile given by cane sugar, is not only free from gluten, palm oil, GMOs and hydrogenated fats, but it is also a real superfood.

What exactly is matcha?

It is one of the most popular teas in Japan , very different from what we are used to: it is not consumed by infusion, but by suspension. It is prepared by adding matcha powder to hot but not boiling water, which is mixed with the typical bamboo whisk. In our Ice N Roll Matcha reinterpretation, all you need is 200 g of whole UHT milk, 100 g of powdered milk mix and 25 gr of Matcha Foodness mix for your special tea ceremony.
The properties of matcha tea are truly innumerable. To name a few: it is digestive, antioxidant and draining. It reduces the feeling of hunger by lowering blood sugar, and stimulates concentration thanks to L-Theanine, which enters the bloodstream more slowly than caffeine and lasts longer over time.

A true elixir of life to be offered to all your customers, not only to those with intolerance problems, with an average food cost of only €0.30 .