In life and in work we are the result of our choices. And a simple jar of organic jam can tell a lot: yours as a restaurant manager, ours as a company but above all that of those who produce it.
For our Rondò Unika , Rondò 30 e Choco we have chosen to offer the organic jam of Si può Fare , the Sicilian social cooperative that promotes the employment of people with mental and/or social problems.
To tell you more about the collaboration, we asked Andrea Bergianti, a member of the cooperative, a few questions.

Tell us more about the project and the network. Can it be done?

It was born in Sicily in 2013 with the creation of a welcoming community in Noto , which integrated with the local one and could offer employment to its users. The recovery of abandoned and uncultivated land with new organic crops in the countryside around the city has given excellent results, and in fact a few years later the cooperative was joined by a company that helped us in the development of the activities and in the marketing of the products. This collaboration was signed by a special network protocol , the first of this type in Sicily.

What kind of approach do you use for your products?

All the products we offer are organic and grown directly by us on our land.
A part of the fresh products is then transformed into preserved products that we market throughout Italy through our office in Reggio Emilia.

What are your specialties?

The project was born from the fresh products that we mainly spread in Noto. Subsequently, given the great appreciation for our raw materials, we started producing the so-called preserved. Packaged products allow us to make ourselves known even outside our reference community.

We offer olive oil, tomato preserves, almonds, fruit nectars and the very special capuliato: these are cherry tomatoes that are hand-cut by our users, dried in the sun and then beaten with a knife and put in oil with various spices. The flagship is our organic jam.

types of organic jam

What can you tell us about jam?

Finding ourselves in Sicily we were able to cultivate excellent citrus fruits which we transformed into our jams: orange, orange and cinnamon, lemon, lemon and ginger, grapefruit and mandarin. And we have more in the works. Our organic jam goes very well with waffles, crepes and other desserts, but you know this better than me since you have decided to include them in the Techfood Welcome Kit.

If you were thinking about how to expand the offer of your establishment without compromising on the quality and origin of the products, with Techfood and Si può fare you can offer a good product in every sense. Contact us now to study the solution that best suits your needs.

November 07, 2019