Delicious, quick to prepare and customizable at will, crêpes are one of the most popular snacks in Italy and if you run a business you have probably thought of adding a professional crepe maker several times.
Today, in fact, consumers are looking for new experiences, but also ready to rediscover the usual goodness, especially if delivered at home with a convenient delivery service . It's time to reinvent dishes, rethink takeaway and even bar equipment: but how to ride the times with a new idea of ​​crêpe? Let's explore together the versatility of a product born to amaze.

Takeaway goodness to tickle the palate

This dessert classic has all the numbers to keep the podium even in a delivery and take away scenario, where the winning foods are above all those that are easy to prepare and transport . While the DPCMs set the rules for a new everyday life, there is a boom in requests for take-away equipment , designed exclusively for home delivery.

And even if in this way the showcooking part is eliminated, which is one of its strengths, with a professional crepe maker like La Crêperie you can make up to 480 crêpes in an hour and get your take away off the ground.
The President of Techfood himself, Angelo Iori, explains:
“With La Crêperie BGS we wanted to create new opportunities for establishments: rectangular crêpes, in fact, are easier to make and fill. Easy crêpes was one of the first slogans of our crepe maker.”

professional crepe maker

A family story

You may not know that La Crêperie BGS, Techfood's first professional crepe maker, played a central role in the company's history and in the creation of this business.
It was 1992 when Angelo Iori, on a visit to Paris, was struck by the rhythms with which crêpes were prepared and enjoyed at each kiosk. A French story, but also very Italian: if the crêpe suzette and the gallette, a salty Breton variant, dominate across the Alps, in our Tuscany the crêpes delighted the palate of Caterina dei Medici as far back as the seventeenth century.
After this trip, he conceived a professional crepe maker , combining technology with a domestic product and transforming it into a catering solution.
We took the opportunity to ask the President of Techfood a few questions:


I didn't want to invent a new market, but improve an existing one. This is why we have also offered La Crêperie BGS to street food and ice cream shops, allowing them to sell without seasonal constraints.
Another element of success was the supply of the freeze-dried preparation which allowed bars without kitchens to use the machine. With La Crêperie BGS we also anticipated the trend of show cooking and the so-called wow effect: customers saw the product as it was being made and greatly appreciated it.
Surely the birth of the relationship with Ferrero, now more than twenty years old, has contributed to the success of our professional crepe maker. Although they can also be made savory and stuffed with jams and creams, 80% of the market is represented by crêpes with Nutella.


“They are the initials of my three children Beatrice, Gabriele and Sofia , in order of birth. The more observant will have noticed that their names are also present in the company name (Techfood by Sogabe srl). For us, values ​​come first, even profit. And our family and entrepreneurial thought has always been to create something positive to leave to future generations. Something as good as a crepe!”
crepes with pistachio cream squeezed

The quality is there for all to see

La Crêperie BGS has paved the way for new inventions in the company, such as the round plates Rondò Unika , Rondò 30 and Rondò 40 , designed to halve the time compared to the French tradition and prepare a crêpe in seconds.
Techfood is always at the forefront in defining trends and today it extends the view to the entire counter, where the preparation of the crêpe can turn into a real show. This is also thanks to the new Squeezita bar dispenser , created in collaboration with the Italian Food Factory and designed to fill croissants and donuts, to decorate bowls of fruit and ice cream or to enrich coffee and cappuccinos with 7 different spreadable creams.
Allies to conquer, Squeezita and La Crêperie BGS are the perfect equipment to prepare and personalize the most delicious crêpes, both for consumption on the spot and for home delivery. The professional crepe maker could be your trump card to amaze customers hungry for new experiences: contact us to receive product details and information .