In recent days Techfood has been included by Wired among the 10 most interesting ideas present at the 2016 edition of the Milan Franchising Exhibition. Among the solutions presented, Pic Nic , Choco Kebab and Ice n Roll stood out. In this article we want to explain to you what makes these successful franchise solutions unique.

Pic Nic and turnkey simplicity

Designing a successful franchise solution requires innovation, intuition and empathy towards anyone who wants to open a business. Factors not underestimated by Techfood, which on the contrary puts its customer at the center of the creation of new proposals.

From this solid foundation Pic Nic was born, the corner shop that allows you to create a small point of sale to be positioned anywhere. What makes Pic Nic unique is the turnkey solutions it comes with. At the time of purchase, it is possible to immediately establish a relationship with the suppliers previously contacted by Techfood, a zero-waiting formula that reduces the opening times of the restaurant. Furthermore Pic Nic is sold already equipped with the best machines to prepare any type of menu, from sweet to savory. In fact, the package includes Rondò Unika , Combi Wave and Pastaland , allowing you to have a wide offer in less than 15 square meters.

Pic Nic is a successful franchising solution because it reduces the time and costs of opening a business, giving anyone the opportunity to position a store in contexts other than those of the classic restaurant. Thanks to its size and the absence of a flue it can also be installed in airports, stations and shopping centres.

Choco Kebab and the successful gluttonous franchise

Among the ideas that struck the Wired editorial staff most was Choco Kebab, the original dessert that combines Italian chocolate with ethnic food. A skewer of cremino cut into thin curls and served wrapped in a soft crêpe. Like Pic Nic, Choco Kebab can also be positioned in the most diverse contexts thanks to its streety version, made up of an easy-to-carry cart.

Choco Kebab is a delicious and successful franchise idea that has already conquered the world. There are manyinternational points of sale , from China to Chile it is an established formula for its uniqueness and for the quality of Made in Italy products.

Ice n Roll and classy ice cream

Ice n Roll is a solution for restaurants and bars that want to add more flavor to their menus, without adopting overly expensive solutions. It is a machine for freezing ice cream with which you can prepare rolled ice creams and sorbets of all flavours. From tiramisu to spritz, Ice n Roll is the ideal tool for experimenting with new flavors and combinations. In fact, the consistency of the ice cream allows it to be served as a course for an aperitif.

Ice n Roll, together with Choco Kebab and Pic Nic, are some of the solutions proposed by Techfood to improve the offer of a restaurant. To request information and learn more about these successful ideas, contact us via email or by calling us .

December 01, 2016