The voting for Barawards Innovation of the Year, the prize that Bargiornale assigns to the best ideas for clubs and restaurants, is just around the corner. In fact, there is time until 20 November to decree the winners of the food&beverage sector among the nearly ninety candidates. Techfood is competing for two categories: technical furnishings and technology, and equipment. Discover our news in the competition and vote for us .

Combi Wave

Combi Wave stands out among the best ideas for small and large catering venues, the Techfood oven that allows you to enhance the offer of a venue by taking up little space and above all, in incredibly fast times.

Ideal for both the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, Combi Wave is an ultra-modern countertop oven and kitchen that takes advantage of new technologies to beat everyone on time. It features an integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system. It can cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, temper, temper, fry without oil and boil any product with cooking times reduced up to 7 times.

Combi Wave is a candidate for best 2016 equipment at the Barawards, designed to offer a wide range to a large audience by multiplying the sales potential of an activity. It is the helper that cannot be missing in places that offer aperitifs and lunches aiming for speed without sacrificing cooking quality.

Find out how varied a menu prepared exclusively with Combi Wave can be in this article of ours .


Pic Nic is on the list among the candidates for the technical furnishings and technology category. The corner shop proposed by Techfood is one of the best ideas for places that want to expand their business by positioning a new location and for those who also want to open a business from scratch.

Pic Nic is in fact a totally turnkey solution. When purchasing the point of sale, it is possible to start a collaboration with the suppliers previously contacted by Techfood. This saves a lot on the laborious search for suppliers which can take time and energy. Among the main suppliers one of the historic brands of the Italian food industry, Barilla, but also Cremonini with the line  Spanino and Rispo for fried products without oil.

A large miniature restaurant that offers a varied menu from sweet to savory. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, fish and chips, crepes and waffles are some of the solutions that can be prepared independently. In fact, the package includes the Combi Wave multifunction oven, Pastaland for first courses, and Rondò Unika for making crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, piadas and pancakes.

Combi Wave and Pic Nic in contention for the Barawards 2016 Innovation of the year, the readers of Bargiornale decide the best ideas for bars and restaurants. To vote for one of the two Techfood proposals, this is the page to indicate your preference.