Are you looking for original ideas for bars and clubs that will allow you to expand your business and earning opportunities ? Discover the proposals designed by Techfood to amaze customers with innovative products that are easy to prepare and fill. One more possibility to offer irresistible dishes to more people in a short time.

Rondò Unika: a single machine to prepare infinite desserts

Space, especially behind the counter, is always limited and placing too many machines is more cumbersome than useful. To prepare crêpes, waffles, donuts and churros, you don't need four different pieces of equipment.
Rondò Unika is a multifunctional machine equipped with interchangeable plates to prepare numerous dishes. Its versatility allows you to change the plate with a simple click, even when hot.
Ideal for desserts such as crêpes, waffles and pancakes, Rondò Unika is also perfect for preparing savory dishes such as wraps and savory crêpes . Rondò Unika is one of the original ideas for bars and more, it can also be a source of success for ice cream shops and yoghurt shops in the winter.
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Choco Burger: the irresistible novelty of the year

Presented at the latest edition of Sigep in Rimini, in a few months Choco Burger has depopulated both in Italy and abroad. The peculiarity that makes this product one of the original ideas for bars lies in its uniqueness and ease of preparation.
Choco Burger is a sandwich filled with a disc of chocolate, a product designed to give a taste experience to anyone who tastes it. There are four variants of Choco Burger: white chocolate and biscuit, dark chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate with orange and cinnamon, and milk chocolate and amaretto.
The plate for preparing Choco Burger takes up little space and is essential for giving the waffle the functional honeycomb texture . In fact, the inside of the sandwich features the typical waffle grid that allows you to add any type of filling to the burger, without compromising the ease of eating it.
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plate to prepare choco burger one of the original ideas for bars

Choco Kebab: the everlasting success

As with Choco Burger, what makes Choco Kebab one of the original bar ideas is its preparation and presentation. A warm crêpe in which curls of Cremino Piemontese obtained from a chocolate skewer are wrapped.
Choco Kebab combines the Piedmontese tradition with one of the most popular ethnic dishes in the world. The chocolate skewer is kept at a constant temperature thanks to a refrigerated display case, while the kebab crêpe is prepared on a special plate. The maxi cream is cut into curls and flakes which are added to the filling.
The result is an inviting, irresistible and practical product for the street food proposal . Watch the video to find out how to prepare a Choco Kebab.

Rondò Unika, Choco Burger and Choco Kebab are the three original ideas for bars and clubs capable of keeping food consumption high even in the winter cold. To personally experience the practicality and originality of this equipment, we are waiting for you at HostMilano from 20 to 24 October at stand E62 pavilion 04 .
September 28, 2017