Esplorando il mondo del panino perfetto: Space Bun Fight a Sigep 2024

Exploring the world of the perfect sandwich: Space Bun Fight at Sigep 2024

The world of gastronomy is an endless journey in search of the perfect taste, and this search found its peak at the 45th edition of Sigep at the Techfood stand...
February 08, 2024
Techfood a Sigep 2024: gusto, innovazione e spettacolo

Techfood at Sigep 2024: taste, innovation and entertainment

The world of catering is preparing to enthusiastically welcome the 45th edition of Sigep - The Dolce World Expo in Rimini, an extraordinary event dedicated to ice cream, pastry, chocolate,...
January 12, 2024
Un ventaglio di novità per Techfood a Sigep 2023

A range of novelties for Techfood at Sigep 2023

The 44th edition of Sigep – The Dolce World Expo , the Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated to the ice cream, pastry, chocolate , bakery and coffee supply chains ,...
Granita Squeezita: il dolce rinfrescante che non necessita di granitore.

Squeezita Granita: the refreshing dessert that does not require a slush machine.

Halfway between an ice cream to eat with a spoon and a drink to drink with a straw, granitas are a summer must . They are fresh, tasty, thirst-quenching and...
Squeezita, il gusto diventa granita

Squeezita, the taste becomes granita

After the success of the creams in dispensers, Italian Food Factory, in collaboration with Techfood, makes Squeezita a granita. The fresh and purely summer product can represent a regenerating break...
Fiere di marzo: Tirreno CT e Sigep 2022

March fairs: Tirreno CT and Sigep 2022

Trade fairs represent a moment of study and discussion for catering professionals , an important source of inspiration for improving one's work. We exhibitors have the honor of providing innovative...
Techfood e Too Good To Go insieme per ridurre gli sprechi alimentari

Techfood and Too Good To Go together to reduce food waste

Reducing food waste in catering is possible. Here's how with Techfood technologies and the Too Good To Go app.
September 01, 2021
Squeezita: 3 preparazioni estive proposte dal Barista Incazzato

Squeezita: 3 summer preparations proposed by the Pissed Barista

Squeezita cream is so versatile that it can be used in multiple versions. Here are 3, proposed by the Pissed off Barista.
July 21, 2021
Dehor e distese: 3 soluzioni da scoprire per il bancone esterno

Dehor and expanses: 3 solutions to discover for the outdoor counter

Summer is coming, but the number of seats is limited. Study an external and mobile bar counter to have an extra station.
May 20, 2021
Come creare una workstation con Streety e DIY

How to create a workstation with Streety and DIY

Expand your breakfast sales with a portable coffee station. Discover Streety and DIY, the mobile corners of Techfood.
December 22, 2020
Orari ridotti? Punta sull’apertura con Squeezita

Reduced hours? Bet on the opening with Squeezita

Reduced hours by the new dpcm? Focus on opening with Squeezita, the cream dispenser to be combined with Techfood solutions. Find out which ones.
October 21, 2020
Squeezita, il dispenser per farciture effetto wow

Squeezita, the wow-effect filling dispenser

The new dispenser for bars is born from the collaboration between Italian Food Factory and Techfood. Find out why Squeezita is the sweet revolution.
July 31, 2020