The exemption from TOSAP and COSAP is extended until 31 March 2021 and the suspension of the tax and fee for the occupation of public land allows public establishments to enhance to-go sales outside the premises .
In a previous article we have already mentioned Streety , a portable bar station designed by Techfood for fast and flexible take-away sales. But it's not our only solution, let's see what Streety has in common and what distinguishes it from the DIY corner .


Streety is the portable bar station born as a street food cart and customized this year in a to-go corner for breakfast. It presents itself as a solution in step with the times, if not ahead of time, as ready-to-eat administration will continue to grow in 2021 after the initial push due to COVID-19.
Streety is a full-fledged restaurant space, practical and handy to move, equipped with a cover and two folding side shelves to expand the work area. Upon request, a sink, fridge and freezer can be fitted, making it a full-fledged counter.

DIY corner

Corner DIY is the minimal version of Streety, which offers the possibility of creating a mobile station for restaurants and bars in just 1m2 . Its strength is precisely that of being space-saving, but with everything you need for a quick take-away business.
You can place a display case with croissants and donuts on the top to be filled with the Italian Food Factory Squeezita dispensers , speeding up the sale of breakfast pastries.

The differences between Streety and Corner DIY are not many, the two solutions are more united by the aim of reinventing the sales spaces by exploiting the outside of the premises . If you don't know which portable bar station is the best for your business, contact us and let us guide you in identifying the most suitable choice .
December 22, 2020