2021 begins with a new look for the Combi Wave oven , which improves the new aesthetics with the aim of optimizing its presence on the counter and its functional potential . Gabriele Iori, Techfood marketing and communication manager, explains what they are.

Uniform and functional design

“The goal we had – explains Gabriele Iori – was to update the design of the Combi Wave oven to bring it closer to the aesthetic lines of the Combi Wave Smart , which are more elegant and rounded. To adapt the entire line of countertop systems to a single style, we rounded the shapes and tilted the Combi Wave hood by 90° .”

Furthermore, the search for uniformity focuses on details and eliminates visible screws in the new version of Combi Wave.
“We have studied a more homogeneous aspect of the machine, which is now assembled with internal screws and no longer visible. A change that gives the oven even more appeal, making it beautiful to place on the counter and easy to clean without obstacles. In this last regard, the air intakes have also been changed, which are now flat, horizontal and it is easier to sanitize them."
The design operation also becomes an optimization of the operations of daily and ordinary maintenance. And in fact Gabriele Iori concludes: “We covered the floor inside the oven, facilitating the cleaning process of the oven.”

Ultrafast cooking, an indispensable plus

As much as Combi Wave has changed in appearance, some pluses remain unchanged. This is the case with ultrafast cooking, an advantage that becomes a turning point when it comes to fast food and, these days, delivery.
For example, with Combi Wave you can prepare 40 burgers per hour . A considerable figure, especially in view of a year in which delivery and take away will make the difference.
January 14, 2021