The yellow zone in almost all of Italy has reopened daily dances, for a year characterized by physical distancing and individual prevention measures. And precisely this last term, on the individuality of actions and behaviours, heralds one of the trends for the horeca sector: the return of the single portion . A phenomenon that could especially involve lunch breaks, also called just dining but better known as "eating alone".
Is it therefore convenient to aim for the single portion? In some cases yes, but it is necessary to evaluate some factors to create a satisfactory offer both for the customer's tastes and for the premises' finances.

Few scraps and lots of offer

This should be the motto for a balanced strategy, because as mentioned earlier, the single-portion menu should respond to the tastes of the customers - and we know that they are many and very different - without forgetting the costs of a restaurant.
One solution to accommodate both parties is the regeneration of dishes on demand . It is necessary to rely on quality suppliers for raw materials and equipment, and in this case the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart ovens play in your favor, even if you are a small place without a flue.
What are the advantages with Combi ovens? First of all, using a single machine for preparing dishes allows you to reduce electricity consumption which would instead involve an entire kitchen in operation. Secondly, the use of pre-cooked and frozen products facilitates the storage of foods with a longer chef life . And finally, with production on request and single portions, daily waste is contained, which usually represents a waste of materials, resources and even money for a restaurant.
Also add cooking 20 times faster than other ovens, with positive effects also on the perception of customers' expectations during their lunch break. With Combi Wave, for example, you can regenerate a lasagna in just 3 minutes and with Combi Wave Smart you can make tagliatelle with mushrooms in 4 minutes .

Low food cost and high margins

The second point for a good single-portion strategy is linked to the right balance between food cost and profitability. And the turning point is to find a solution that can be adapted to multiple uses, such as Rondò Unika . This countertop machine, in fact, allows you to prepare crepes and savory waffles with just one instrument , up to omelettes and tortillas, completely differentiating your single-portion offer.
The equipment is equipped with 6 easily interchangeable plates, but that's not the only plus of Rondò Unika. An extra value, in fact, is that the food preparation to which it is combined has a reduced food cost of only €0.39 per portion and, last but not least, it can also be used for sweet preparations for breakfast (donuts, sweet waffles and pancakes) and for a snack (churros and sweet crepes).
The last year has taught us how much versatility is a pillar for contemporary catering , the time has come to implement it with strategies not only linked to the moment but projected towards new sector trends. Want to know which solution is best suited to your business? Contact us, we will be at your disposal.