The Sigep 2021 edition arrives from 15 to 17 March with a new digitized look. While waiting for the physical edition, which will be held in January 2022, the iconic event will take place online on the event platform, guaranteeing the fair even remotely. But what does this new mode provide? We asked Gabriele Iori , Marketing & Communication manager of Techfood, to tell us about the news of the fair and our stand.
Sigep 2021 goes digital. What are the advantages of this new formula?
I believe that the use of digital is an excellent opportunity, because it allows us even more to network globally and to get in touch with many people, optimizing time and resources. The online version of the Sigep Experience offers us greater usability of the contents and allows us to be more connected, close and immediate.

How will the Sigep Experience be structured?
Like the other exhibitors, Techfood will also have a digital profile with company information and product image galleries; for example we will have content on Rondò Unika and the ovens of the Combi line . In the profile, users will also find the contacts of the team members, such as the marketing manager, the sales manager and the export manager. Each team member will have their own agenda in which users can book an appointment to interface directly with the reference figure. At the time of the meeting, Techfood member and user will be put in contact automatically and will be able to chat via chat or video call.
Does the person making the reservation have to be registered?
Yes, it is done as it was done when registering for the traditional Sigep at the fair ticket office. On top of that, they've speeded up access this year. Reservations will be open from 8 to 14 March , but in any case during the days of the fair it is possible to get in touch with Techfood agents.
What are the Techfood news for Sigep 2021?
We will make 4 live video events available: one will feature the Pissed Barista, Squeezita and Rondò Unika; the others will instead be dedicated to Combi Wave and will be presented by Eugenia Botti . The airing will start at a specific time, soon there will be more information on the calendar and times. To stay up to date, we advise you to follow our Facebook page and our Instagram profile .
February 26, 2021
Tags: Sigep