A week has passed since the entry into force of the new dpcm which limits the opening hours of the premises. The future of the exhibitors is once again in the hands of the contagion curve, which if it rises will be able to tighten the measures. The future of the bar, however, is in your hands and it's time to rethink the offer you propose.
In the last article we gave you 3 business ideas to reorganize lunches and dinners , today we will show you how to re-evaluate breakfast to increase the average receipt in the early hours of the day . We will combine the Squeezita cream dispenser with 3 preparations with Rondò Unika.

Squeezite breakfast

Squeezita is the dispenser for creams, jams and honey made by the Italian Food Factory in collaboration with Techfood. The product, new on the market, has received a warm welcome from bartenders, ice cream makers and pastry chefs. Squeezita has also conquered the influencer Il Barista Incazzato who, in addition to filling croissants, uses the dispenser to prepare special coffees.

Including delicious variants on the menu is certainly a strategy for offering a coffee at a higher price, but the possibilities for enriching the sweet offer with Squeezita are endless. We propose 3 of them, to be created together with Rondò Unika .
Pancakes with honey and berries
Pancakes for breakfast like in American cafes. This special breakfast allows you to differentiate the bar with a product that is as captivating as it is convenient for take-away . So the problem of seat reduction is just a bad memory. Pair the Rondò Unika pancake plate with Squeezita with wild berries and Squeezita with honey .

Chocolate donuts
Even the donuts are a clear reference to the American culture that has now traveled around the world. Donut and coffee to go are a must for cafes near industrial areas of the city . You can add Squeezita dark chocolate or Squeezita white chocolate and hazelnuts to the frosting or decorate them directly from the dispenser.

Pistachio crepes
Pistachio cream is strong on social media, so much so that there are profiles exclusively dedicated to the small green gem of Sicily. Proposing crêpes filled with pistachio Squeezita will make your customers' mouths water and your social profiles will like . Even for a snack, not just for breakfast.
And if you want to be popular on social networks, capturing a young target, add a Bubble Waffle station . “Its appearance is so particular, we really like taking shots of our preparations and Bubble Waffle lends itself very well” says Lara of the Vullo ice cream shop in Agrigento .
October 21, 2020