In a bleak time for the restaurant category, technological innovation and new generation bar equipment can lead to more sales opportunities and differentiation compared to other establishments.
Often, however, the obstacle to renewing the offer is space. In Italy there are about 150,000 catering businesses , of which 30% is represented by the classic morning bar. The dimensions of these premises are small and limit supply and earnings. To deal with the problem, we offer you two space-saving solutions, even over the counter .

1. Combi Wave Smart acts as a kitchen and assistant chef

Imagine offering from the croissant to the first course up to the appetizer for the aperitif with only one machine, and over the counter. It would seem like a mirage for those who work in a bar with cramped spaces, but that's what Combi Wave Smart offers .
Combi Wave Smart is perfect for small bars that want to cover the whole day. Its technology, awarded at the 2018 Barawards , allows you to cook up to 20 times faster than other ovens in reduced space conditions and without an aspiration filtering system.
Combi Wave Smart is indispensable for proposing sandwiches, pizza, burgers, chips and oil-free mixed fried foods on demand and without waste . Cooking on demand, in fact, allows you to save on consumption and food costs.
fish and chips among the dishes you can offer with picnics and pic and go, two of the techfood franchise ideas

2. Rondo Unika, 6 piastres in the space of 1

Rondò Unika is the only bar equipment to prepare infinite desserts with a single machine . Thanks to its interchangeable plates, it lends itself perfectly to narrow bar setups, even over the counter. The Easy Clic system will allow you to replace the hot plates in seconds and in total safety.
With Rondò Unika you can add crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts, cones, wafers, piadinas, omelettes and tortillas to your menu. It has been designed to meet the needs of bar and ice cream shop customers.
“Rondò Unika is very useful for us both to enrich the breakfast menu with on-demand preparations and for after dinner - comments the owner of the Bar Porta Napoli in Castel di Sangro . Furthermore, it is now more fundamental than ever to contain food costs and personnel costs, and with a machine that is so easy to use and clean there is only something to be gained from it.”
The food cost of Rondò Unika is, in fact, low because it only costs €0.39 per portion. Also nothing to say about the investment, once you have purchased the machine you can collect the plates over time, amortizing the expense with the earnings between one purchase and another.
waffles prepared with a professional waffle maker

Rondò Unika, but above all Combi Wave Smart, represent new ways of conceiving the kitchen without a physical space. An increasingly discussed topic, so much so that it has become a growing trend that could redefine the horeca sector. Who among you knows dark kitchens?

September 16, 2020