The world of gastronomy is an endless journey in search of the perfect taste, and this search found its peak at the 45th edition of Sigep at the Techfood stand

An epic competition came to life: the Space Bun Fight, an event that put six competitors from every corner of Italy to the test, each with the dream of creating the ideal sandwich.


The event and culinary news:

The atmosphere was electrifying at the Techfood stand thanks to the Space Bun Fight. Six daring challengers have accepted the challenge to win the title of 2024 Social Ambassador of Space Bun, the space bun that has already captured the imagination of many. 

The jury, made up of industry experts such as Federico Masella (Marketing & National Key Account Manager of Menù Srl), Giovanni Basile (CEO of Nuts Italia Srl), Marco Vinci (Manager/Head of Nestlé Professional Lab, Expertise & Innovation Center) and Rossella De Stefano (Director of Mixer), witnessed a busy competition, where each competitor brought the best of their creativity and experience to the table.


The challengers and their unique sandwiches:

  • ARTELATTE (L'isolitano Ga): Francesca brought the typical flavors of the island of Capo Rizzuto with her sandwich "L'isolitano Ga".
  • BAR GIAN ' S 2.0 (Liguria, legendary land): Andrea Pigliacelli represented his region with a super local Space Bun called “La Liguria, legendary land!.
  • Fieramosca 35 Art café (Space Bun Capuanello): The "Space Bun Capuanello" sandwich prepared by Rossana and Gianluca represented the Caserta soul of this historic venue.
  • Hansel and Gretel (The Little Mermaid): Giovanni and Doriana brought Abruzzo to the stage with the "La Little Mermaid" sandwich.
  • Keller Ristorante Birreria (Space Country Bun): Carlotta Bertolini presented the "Space Country Bun" sandwich which delighted the public and jury with the flavors of Modena.
  • Cold Passion (Il Calabrotto): Paola wanted to represent Scalea with the "Il Calabrotto" sandwich, winning over the jury and therefore becoming Social Ambassador for Space Bun 2024.



The celebration of taste:

But the event wasn't just a culinary competition.
Techfood, in fact, has collaborated with Italian Food Factory to offer a complete gastronomic experience.
The Pausa offers and Squeezita offers have added a touch of freshness to the atmosphere, especially now that Squeezita Gelatin Fixing Spray has received the first first prize at the 2023 Barawards.



Delights for all palates:

The climax was reached thanks to the novelties: Pausa cold creams and new variations of Squeezita.
The latter in particular won over the public: Choco Nuts Crunchy and Choco Biscuit Crunchy thrilled the palates, while the white chocolate cream and the orange cream, an authentic 100% made in Italy jam, made lovers of tradition.



Conclusions and see you next year

This edition of Sigep 2024 was an overwhelming success thanks to the passion of the Space Bun Fight participants, the enthusiasm of the jury and the creativity of all our collaborators and friends.

We can only look forward to another chapter of culinary innovation and taste next year.

February 08, 2024