After the success of the creams in dispensers, Italian Food Factory, in collaboration with Techfood, makes Squeezita a granita.
fresh and purely summer product can represent a regenerating break for children and adults; as well as a product solution that is easy to serve and able to create profit in the offer of bars and restaurants.

Let's see why everyone can like it and why it's convenient for the bartender-restaurateur.
Strawberry Squeezita granita

8 Squeezite flavours

The taste of Squeezita meets the freshness of the classic Italian granita and is done in eight.
  • The Beautiful Coconut
Exotic and rich in mineral salts, coconut is one of the most representative fruits of summer.
Its consistency mixes well with the consistency of granita, which is why it is also present in pieces.
  • Lemon effect
Fresh and thirst-quenching, lemon is the perfect food for hot days.
It is among the most loved ice cream flavors and, as a citrus fruit, it is rich in numerous nutrients and antioxidants that make this food a real panacea!
  • Strawberry Red
Sweet and fragrant, the strawberry flavor appeals to both adults and children. It could not be missing from the flavors of the Squeezita granita, in which it is also present in pieces of fruit.
  • Almond, the Sicilian
Inspired by the Sicilian tradition, the almond granita is a typical summer preparation. Known for its nutritional properties, it is ideal as a snack to be eaten alone or - why not - in a soft brioche.
  • Cold black coffee
Every moment - and format - is the right one for a good coffee.
Intense and 100% coffee, the Squeezita granita is an espresso in a glass that is comfortable for a desk, for walking or relaxing on the beach.
  • Chocolate, sweet and a little ice cream
Rich and greedy, chocolate is the taste that everyone likes more than any other - we can already see it with the Squeezita chocolate cream, used to produce the same slush.
It lends itself well to various combinations including whipped cream and a freshly baked brioche.
  • Pistachio, an Evergreen
Good for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, the pistachio flavor is always a valid choice.
The pistachio granita, also produced with the relative Squeezita cream, is a delicate version dedicated to true connoisseurs of taste.
  • The Lovely Hazelnut
The hazelnut could not be missing from the taste proposals of the new granitas for three reasons: it is among the most popular flavours; it is a complete food as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres, essential fatty acids and antioxidants; is made from the same Squeezita hazelnut cream.
Squeezite slush

The 3 whys of granita

Implementing a new product in the offer of your bar or in general of your restaurant business can have advantages , the Squeezita granita has at least 3.
  • It enriches the assortment.
It can represent an alternative to ice cream and is an ideal sweet or dessert solution for young and old, also due to the variety of flavors available.
  • It's free .
The granita is compatible with food intolerances: gluten, as it is gluten free; and lactose free, as it is 100% vegan.
It is also GMO free and does not contain palm oil.
  • Create useful .
Ready and easy to consume, having a single-portion packaging (180gr) in plastic, it is suitable for consumption in the restaurant but also during a walk or on a bed by the sea.
It therefore represents a convenient solution also for take-away.
To taste all the details of the Squeezita granita firsthand, contact us .