The instant drink dispenser plays an increasingly important role in generating the many cups served every day. Many will certainly be coffee ones, but it often happens that the espresso, out of necessity or pleasure, is replaced by just as many fragrant hot drinks.
Soluble drinks therefore represent a new beverage trend and with many advantages for the restaurant business. We will also see how the value of the service can be amplified by the technology of the instant drink dispenser.

Instant drinks: the main advantages

Instant drinks such as barley, ginseng, unicorn, matcha tea and golden milk are increasingly frequently asked by customers.
In America there is already talk of Quitting coffee, i.e. the tendency to interrupt the regular consumption of coffee and caffeine to better appreciate the effects of sporadic intakes. But the alternative to caffeine, and therefore the possibility for the establishment to serve more product options , is not the only advantage that the offer of instant drinks can represent.
If on the one hand, the multiplicity of soluble solutions enriches the list of dispensed drinks; on the other hand, the quality of the selected product can validate the offer also in the eyes of customers who are looking for a healthy product and at the same time a refined taste .
This new beverage trend also finds favorable space in a delivery context due to its compatibility with the service in disposable cups ; and where there is a need for a fast service.
In fact, as they do not involve any preparation of the product, soluble drinks make logistics economy one of their great strengths due to their ability to reduce waiting at the counter .
The quality of the product and the speed of the service are attributes made even more relevant by the possibility of exploiting technology in the delivery. Let's see how.

Ginny, the 4.0 technology for soluble drinks

The support of technology in the development of catering activities and the service they offer is increasingly important. Even the dispensing of hot drinks can enjoy the benefits of digitization with Ginny4.0.
Ginny4.0 is an instant drink dispenser that connects to an app on a smartphone or to a PC via software, thus making it possible to simplify a series of activities related to machine management. Remote control allows, for example, to adjust the quantity of product dispensed, manage the water temperature, detect malfunctions, place orders and evaluate sales reports.
Thus, the service of hot drinks will not only be quick and easy, but always of high quality thanks to the efficiency of the control at your smartphone's reach. Contact us for more information on the Ginny4.0 instant drink dispenser.
April 21, 2022