Pausa is the new range of products , ready to drink and to eat, designed to stimulate the business of horeca activities.

Born from the collaboration between Italian Food Factory and Techfood , Pausa confirms thirty years of experience in the sector, proposing product solutions ranging from cold creams to hot drinks, from bakery to fillings.
We will see how Pausa products, combined with food machines suitable for preparation and service, are able to expand the offer of the restaurant with sophisticated and trendy solutions among customers who are increasingly attentive to everyday consumption outside the home .

Hot or cold, every break is perfect

The new range of Pausa products includes 9 types of hot beverages and various options of products to be served cold.
Among the delights in the cup offered by the new brand we include:
  • Ginseng , available in original, sucrose-free, decaffeinated, zero, caramel, vanilla, ginger and green tea flavours .
  • Soluble barley , also in the organic version .
  • Hazelnut flavored coffee .
  • Mocaccino , cappuccino with cream and chocolate, ready to be enjoyed .
  • Guarana coffee .
  • The hot chocolate , which can be made with the Lola chocolate maker , is available both in the classic flavor and in 10 other special flavours: extra-dark, white, orange and cinnamon, white kiss, salted caramel, chilli, milk, hazelnut, pistachio, nougat.
  • Tea in pyramid filter, in ceylon, earl grey, english breakfast, rooibos, green and white flavours .
  • The herbal tea , also in a pyramidal filter, is offered in the chamomile, digestive, fennel, relaxing, purifying and refreshing versions.
  • The infusion is available in citrus, oriental breath, lemon and linden, wild berries, pomegranate, jasmine and turmeric flavours.
In response to the demand for taste, especially on hot days, the new range of Pausa products instead offers:
  • a selection of 10 flavors of slush , to be prepared and served with Frosty : black cherry, watermelon, orange, cola, strawberry, blue raspberry, yellow lemon, melon and mint.
  • Granifrutta with 100% fruit puree , in the exotic flavors of mango and passion fruit.
  • Dosa&gusta , a dispenser in the bottle in 10 different flavours, which can be combined with the neutral flavor granita.
  • The sorbet , for the production of which the SP professional ice cream maker is available , is available in 6 fruit flavors (lemon, pineapple, green apple, mandarin, wild berries, lemon and ginger). The sorbets line is enriched with a 0% sugar solution in red fruit, lemon and mint flavours.
  • Cold coffee, hazelnut, pistachio, fiordilatte and yoghurt cream . Like sorbet, a 0% sugar line is also available for creams.
All available product formats, the main features and compatible food machines can be consulted in the dedicated section of the Pausa website .

Snack break: the answer is bakery

Pausa also responds to hunger and satisfies, exciting, the taste buds of young and old customers, with 3 bakery proposals :
  • The prepared Crepes mix , in sweet and neutral versions.
Snack made in 30 seconds with Rondò .
  • The semi-finished Waffle mix and Bubble Waffle mix , to be prepared respectively with the waffle maker and the Bubble Waffle machine .
  • The delicious Pancake mix , to be combined with colorful fillings and decorations with Pausa branded toppings and grains.
Do your local customers deserve an undiscounted break? Respond with a solution that lives up to their expectations, request a contact and find out all the details relating to the new range of Pausa products.