Hoping not to fall into a risky statement, it seems that the warm season has finally arrived. Thanks to the mild temperatures and the longer days, the desire to spend time outdoors increases.
What better way, therefore, to attract new customers and increase customer stay times, and consequently consumption , than to provide an outdoor area or a summer expanse for your establishment?
The outdoor tables, in fact, are highly appreciated both to view and to use and, in addition to offering a better service to the customer , they allow an increase in the number of seats.

What type of dehor and summer expanses is right for you?

If your main source of income are lunches or breakfasts, you will certainly be better off opting for an outdoor area or daytime summer expanse. To avoid spoiling your customers' stay, it is important to consider that the expanses of the day are easily exposed to sunlight. Simple to solve the problem: it will be sufficient to create shaded areas with umbrellas and plants which, in addition to being useful, can beautify your place. Even when choosing the furnishings, it would be advisable to pay attention to the heat of summer days, opting for chairs and tables in light shades and not in metal.
The evening outdoor spaces have different characteristics from the daytime ones: the cases of streets and squares which, at sunset, are transformed into summer expanses are increasingly frequent.
Definitely appreciable due to the milder temperatures, however in the evening it has the disadvantage of requiring artificial lighting.
The lights are an extra cost, but they have the advantage of creating an atmosphere that public lighting cannot create. We could therefore think of a light design that can interact with the building that hosts us, with the venue or with the square that surrounds us.
Sometimes the importance of lighting in dehors is underestimated, but through the type of light we influence our client's mood . A soft atmosphere can be created with outdoor floor lamps, soft lights, candles or lanterns; the latter, in particular, can be placed directly in the center of the tables, creating an environment
intimate and warm.
There are many aspects that contribute to making customers feel at ease in a venue and, among these, light plays an extremely important role.

Green light to green.

The use of plants is also particularly appreciated in the delimitation of spaces. The greenery soothes, calms, mitigates the presence of concrete and creates a separation from vehicle traffic.
If the view is not the strong point of your restaurant and the dehor overlooks the street, with a few small precautions and some natural elements around the gazebo you can transform the space into an extremely pleasant place where the customer can't wait to return ! Take advantage of hedges or climbing plants if you can use little space in the confines of your dehors.
Give space to your imagination, think about the style of the place, what you want to communicate and bring it back to your outdoor space . Communication is emotion, it is making those who decide to sit with us feel at ease.
The summer expanse is also a useful tool to differentiate the offer. You can, for example, create a space dedicated to particular cocktails made with Ice N Roll or a corner for crepes with rondo complex .
Why not take advantage of it to insert an extra till and quickly clear the queues , reducing the customer's perception of waiting?