There are those who love classic flavors, with cream or fruit and those who love particular tastes: we are obviously talking about ice cream , the most consumed comfort food when the summer begins. Last year the dominant color was blue , light blue and unicorn flavors colored the windows of the ice cream shops. The Smurf taste had come straight back from the 80s and pistachio was a huge hit everywhere. This year the trends have definitely changed.

So what are the ice cream trends?

From moringa to cucunci, from white truffle to pretzel flavor: these are some of the out-of-the-ordinary ice cream flavors that we will see in 2022.
The new trends for ice cream flavors for summer 2022 reflect the demands of new consumers who are increasingly attentive to the quality of the ingredients , the nutritional properties and the wholesomeness of the product.
Precisely for this reason, attention is often turning towards vegetable drinks, for a vegan ice cream , more digestible and with a low glycemic index without sugar. There is also a lot of experimentation with Asian flavors such as matcha, black sesame, azuki beans.
One of the 2022 food trends will be, as in recent years, that of alternative sugars . Reductions from fruit such as pomegranate, coconut and dates can be ideal solutions to create a topping that is both sweet and healthy and a sweet potato syrup can instead become an excellent substitute for honey.

ice cream waffle

How to take advantage of trends in favor of our business?

The managers of ice cream parlors and yogurt shops know how important the period from April to October is for takings. This is why, in addition to listening carefully to the current trend, it is important to make the offer broad and differentiated with proposals that are also applicable in the low season.

So how do you solve the need for a single solution that offers a varied menu, also suitable for the cold months and with a low food cost?

The answer is Rondò Unika, a Techfood machine equipped with 6 interchangeable plates for serving crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts and waffles . You can study a proposal combined with the same ice cream or propose them as desserts for walking, perhaps aiming for a special discount for a segment of the public that would certainly buy the product. The food cost of each single preparation does not exceed €0.40 and guarantees an assured return even if sold individually.
To have a successful place it is important to differentiate yourself , without forgetting the passion for your work.