Today is July 7th and we are celebrating an important and delicious anniversary: ​​the 175th anniversary of the invention of the chocolate bar by Joseph Fry. The invention was as simple as it was innovative: he just had to combine cocoa in granular form with cocoa butter, and here was a timeless success.
Perhaps not everyone knows that chocolate contains more than 500 chemicals , including some similar to caffeine and phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is known to act on the humoral centers of the brain and generate a sensation similar to pleasure , almost a sort of falling in love.
So why not offer a 360-degree wellness experience to our customers, and implement our offer with chocolate-based treats?
We suggest some original proposals to conquer customers.
Guaranteed success!

choco kebab

Choco Kebab

Choco Kebab combines traditional Piedmontese cremino with one of the most popular ethnic food in the world, the kebab. It is a system designed to be used both over the counter and as a street food corner ; the refrigerated display case keeps the delicious 10 kg maxi-cremino at the correct temperature, which rotates in a circular direction and is cut into flakes by a special knife.
For a perfect and relevant preparation to the original, you can take advantage of the counter machine to prepare the Choco Pita , a soft and fluffy wafer that acts as a wrapper. The double cooking plate with a diameter of 30 cm cooks the instant dough in just 40 seconds and you can fill it with sweet cremino flakes of chocolate, grains, fruit, ice cream and any other topping.

chocolate pizza

Choco Pizza

Choco Pizza is created for locals and street food corners who want to increase revenues with a product capable of diversifying the offer from competing businesses.
It is a waffle divided into 6 triangular slices , ideal for sharing and for take-away consumption.
You can prepare it very quickly with the food mix we produce and enrich it with tasty toppings of your choice and with Squeezita .
choco burger

Choco Burger

Choco Burger is a sweet 8 cm chocolate medallion embraced by two hot bun wafers specially designed to give the hamburger effect and to simplify filling with toppings of all kinds.
It is easy to taste and comes in 8 delicious variations : Oreo, Speculoos, Dark Kinder Cereals, White Kinder Cereals, Bacio, White Chocolate and Biscuit, Amaretto and Dark Chocolate with Orange and Cinnamon.
The mix for preparing the burger is an exclusive Techfood recipe , a neutral and refined mix to perfectly balance the flavours.
Choco Burger is the ideal solution for all places that want to extend their offer with originality and taste.

These are just some of the possibilities for expanding one's business by listening to the public's requests , a skill that every manager of a restaurant should have in order to continuously improve the offer and the consumer experience .
Contact us for information on these and other highly original ideas.