Summer is now over and we are preparing to welcome renewed and autumnal flavors together with the new season. It is therefore time to change the menu and offer our customers products and preparations based on fruit and vegetables - and more - typical of this period of the year: chestnuts, persimmons, apples, pears, pumpkins and cabbages cannot be missing in October shopping cart.
But what are they in detail?
october techfood

October fruit

In this month, the fruit counter offers nuts and peanuts , perfect to use from sauces to desserts.
The symbolic fruit of the month is undoubtedly the pomegranate , increasingly appreciated by healthy customers, whose grains are precious nuggets to enrich salads and fruit salads or to prepare a juice full of nutrients to associate with the breakfast offer.
Why not accompany it with fruit cakes cooked with Combi Wave ?
But the options don't end there: bananas, kiwis, apples, grapefruit, pears and grapes are appreciated by young and old alike and allow you to create an infinite number of dishes.
october techfood

October vegetables

In October, the table is tinged with autumn and gives us some of the tastiest products.
First of all mushrooms , fragrant and excellent for preparing tagliatelle, polenta and risotto in seconds with Steamì .
October is also the month of chestnuts , to be enjoyed roasted or boiled, but also to be used for a sweet jam intended for filling crêpes or waffles .
However, the autumn vegetable par excellence is the pumpkin , a low-calorie vegetable, rich in water and mineral salts, which can be used in the kitchen for many recipes, from soup to gnocchi. Or, for a practical and quick meal, it can be used together with crispy speck as a condiment for originalbruschetta .
This month is not parsimonious with vegetables and really offers them in large quantities : broccoli, persimmons, carrots, cabbage, aubergines and truffles are just a few among many.

Now that customers are increasingly attentive to the seasonality and origin of products, it is even more important to adapt to demand.
To find out how to reconcile the requests of the public with the needs of the restaurateur, contact us .
September 29, 2022