It is well known that colorful food, with pastel and rainbow hues, and fun and playful foods were at the top of the viral food trends of recent years, but the infinite variety of instagrammable and aesthetically inviting recipes and foods that from time to time they conquer the people of the web. The Fun Food trend explodes.
Food and drink are very popular on social networks: there is no breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner that is not photographed by users of all ages, looking for the perfect shot. Sharing pizza, sushi, ice cream has become a real ritual: first you capture it and then you enjoy it . And certainly there are foods that lend themselves more than others to catching likes.
For a successful business, it is essential to know and follow the trends and tastes of the moment. Especially when they are fun like FUN FOOD.

Ok fun food. But specifically, what are we talking about?

First of all is bubble tea , whose fame has grown dramatically, also affecting Italy and becoming the trendy drink of the moment. Bubble tea or boba is literally bubble tea. The 'boba' are, in fact, gummy pearls of tapioca - a sweetish plant native to South America - which burst in the mouth releasing various flavours. ' Bubble tea ' is therefore a beverage that is eaten and drunk. The tea used is green (often matcha ) or black , but in the motherland oolong, blue tea is used : a semi-oxidized tea produced in China and Taiwan.

To really be on the crest of the wave, you need to add the bubble waffle to your proposals , the waffle with gigantic bubbles to be filled with fruit and ice cream. Aesthetically bubble waffles , it is undeniable, they are really captivating and Asian trends can never be enough, especially when they raise the blood sugar.
The dorayaki , then, are increasingly making a comeback among the local offerings. These are Japanese sweets that look like pancakes or sponge cake snacks, paired two by two with a tasty filling. Usually the filling consists of anko, a Japanese jam made with azuki beans which are a particular species of red legumes, but they can be offered with sweet fillings of all kinds. Doraemon , the protagonist of the cartoon of the same name, was fond of it.

What about the savory options? Some places have made fun food and captivating images a real workhorse. Just think of Flower Burger, the completely plant-based fast food chain that offers fun colored hamburgers , from the filling to the bread itself. The result? Their restaurants are always full of customers of all ages .

The general picture is full of offers among which to range to amaze and conquer the public, starting from the youngest. Pancakes , donuts , churros , milkshakes, milky drinks, delicious chocolate-based foods in every form , mochi are just a few examples.
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