"The innovations introduced for the evening reopening of Public Establishments and the shift of the curfew are further important steps forward for the recovery of operational normality", with these words Lino Enrico Stoppani, president of Fipe-Confcommercio, comments on the latest updates of the anti -covid. And the warm season helps to raise sales within the times allowed by the Dpcm.
However, as with 2020, the 2021 high season will also be marked by space limitations . The quota seats, however, do not represent such a difficult obstacle to overcome if the dehor is used correctly. In a previous article we had already illustrated the practicality of Streety , the outdoor and mobile bar counter . Today we offer you 3 combinations with as many Techfood solutions, designed just for the summer.

Ice cream corner with Ice N Roll

In the heat of the coming months, respond with a frozen offer, or rather with Ice N Roll rolled ice cream . It is a valid proposal for bars and clubs , because it differentiates the offer and differs from the classic croissant packaged and sold in the freezer.
Give the right importance to a refreshing experience: with Ice N Roll you can prepare creamy ice cream of any flavor in 30 seconds. You will reduce the maintenance costs of an ice cream counter and those of the food cost , thanks to the preparation only on request. You can also offer it in combination with cocktails and aperitifs , making your bar even more original.
Furthermore, the special fast defrost button allows you to speed up production times as well as cleaning and sanitizing , a truly crucial aspect for customers at the moment.

Savory corner with Rondò Complex

And 30 seconds of preparation is the same time it will take to cook the crepes with the Rondò Complex plate . Imagine filling the aperitif saucers with freshly made savory crepes directly from your outdoor bar counter: the scent will be an inviting attraction for all passers-by. Have you ever heard of sushi crepes and cicchetti tacos?
If, on the other hand, your establishment is a daytime establishment, you can take advantage of the Streety station combined with the Rondò Complex to sell quick piadinas for lunch and sweet crepes for a snack . In this case, you can even complete the offer by inserting one or more Squeezita dispensers in the external bar counter . It will be impossible to resist the temptation!
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Sweet corner with Bubble Waffle

Bubble Waffle is prepared with a special plate and without the obligation of a flue; once ready, just wrap it around itself giving it the typical shape of the walking cuoppo . It's a solution that's as practical as it is fun for venues that don't have many seats, not even outside, such as ice cream parlors.
“With Bubble Waffle we have enriched our offer of ice cream parlors and croissants in an unusual way” enthuses Lara , the owner of the Gelateria Vullo in Agrigento. And he goes on to say: “we waited for the summer to offer Bubble Waffles. It was a success, something new that hadn't arrived here yet . We serve it with ice cream, creams, yoghurt, grains… whatever customers want.”

Ice N Roll, Rondò Complex and Bubble Waffle combined with the Streety outdoor bar counter are just some of the possible combinations that we suggest to our customers . Some are able to meet customers' expectations well beyond with only Techfood equipment, as in the case of the Sapori d'Italia creperie. Do you know their story?
May 20, 2021