The management of Horeca activities has always been full of challenges, to which are now added those of the pandemic. And after a troubled year, with summer just around the corner, the ice cream market is recovering. This was stated by Claudio Pica, general secretary of the Italian Gelato Makers Association : «ice cream, from North to South of an Italy almost entirely in the white area, is the symbol of this country's desire for rebirth. With an initial estimate, national consumption marks a +14% since the beginning of the year ».

These estimates refresh venue managers, who are out of breath after a low season that lasted more than a year. As for trends, SIGEP has analyzed what ice cream will look like in summer 2021. Let's see together what awaits us.

What is the trend for summer 2021?

Consumers tend to rationalize and choose very carefully, especially by opting for a quality product. The customer wants a reward after months at home and to feel good, to indulge in "something beautiful and good" without guilt and with a fair price.
With careful attention to the quality of the proposal, the seasonal flavors win, but it is better if presented in an original way to go beyond the classic strawberry and kiss cup. Some interesting ideas come directly from the SIGEP observatory:
  • apricot, orange and saffron ice cream by Sonia Balacchi;
  • dandelion or elderberry ice creams, offered by Giancarlo Timballo;
  • sage ice cream, Smith apple and pineapple by Eugenio Morrone.

To be replicated also at the bar, without an ice cream counter

These are just some combinations that you can try with Ice N Roll and not only if you are an ice cream shop. Have you ever thought about betting on rolled ice cream , also known as Thai ice cream?

A novelty capable of astonishing customers who do not want to be an alternative to homemade ice cream, but which will certainly allow you to offer a tastier and more genuine product than the packaged one. Ice N Roll is the plate for rolled ice cream with many advantages . Let's discover them together.

– it is fast: it allows you to prepare a portion in 30 seconds ,  reducing consumption and inventories because you prepare each portion on demand. You can satisfy many customers in a short time without crowding .

- it is not bulky and it can also be positioned in small or poorly equipped rooms, without compromising the need to move around in safety. It is equipped with a plexiglass shield , which allows you to prepare ice cream in sight but in safety.

Ice N Roll can also be used in outdoor street food stations.

– it is easy to use , does not require qualified personnel and indeed allows you to reduce the necessary one simultaneously in shift. The special Fast defrost button allows you to speed up production times but also cleaning and sanitizing times, at a time when compliance with the rules for managing the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic and the principles of food hygiene protection it's really crucial.

– it has low energy consumption , so as not to burden the budget and the environment.

In short, rolled ice cream is a safe investment and a fun food to amaze your customers who will particularly appreciate a new and fun product right now. Organize a fresh summer aperitif right now, and have a good start to summer!
June 17, 2021