Dispensers for bars are usually used for filling croissants and brioches, therefore linked to a particular moment of the day, i.e. breakfast. However, this is not the case with Squeezita cream , which with its variety of tastes and textures will allow you to go beyond the croissant and offer customers summer preparations, containing food costs.

Thanks to the 3 product proposals created by Pedro, the pissed off barista , you will discover that the Squeezita dispenser is your ally, not only for filling croissants and brioches but also for giving uniqueness to coffee, yoghurt and milk.

1. Shaked coffee with white chocolate and hazelnut

The protagonist of the Italian breakfast, coffee is an important and recurring moment of pleasure during the day, even in summer. A barista knows this well, which is why in the warm months menus appear on the counter that mention cold coffees with ice.

Shaked coffee , particularly appreciated on hot days, lends itself to multiple variations and reinterpretations . The Pissed off Barista has his own vision of uniqueness and served the customer with a version of shaken coffee enriched with white chocolate and hazelnut flavored Squeezita cream .

Yogurt and wild berry jam

Ideal for a snack or as a dessert after lunch, yogurt with Squeezita filling with wild berries is a summer proposal that meets the needs of customers who do not give up sweets without weighing themselves down.

It is made in a short time and with just a few ingredients : Squeezita with wild berries, low-fat yogurt, strawberries and a mix of dried fruit and chocolate. The Pissed Barista shows us his version, but you can indulge yourself with many variations:

Milkshake with dark chocolate and pistachio

According to Il Barista Incazzato, to prepare an excellent milkshake you don't necessarily need to have ice cream on the counter or references always available in the fridge. If you have milk, ice and many flavors of Squeezita cream on hand more easily, your proposal for smoothies will be varied and can be made on request.

Pedro has filled up on goodness and recommends it with double cream, dark chocolate and pistachio, which is impossible to resist:

We can therefore conclude that Squeezita cream is a concentrate of advantages because it goes beyond breakfast and enriches the offer of your bar at other times as well. It gives variety to the products and satisfies even the most demanding customers.
“A more suitable name than Squeezita could not have been chosen: the creams are delicious and of excellent quality! The dispenser allows for extremely versatile use: don't limit yourself to filling croissants and donuts, use it to decorate bowls of fruit and ice cream or to enrich coffee and cappuccinos. My customers and I also really appreciate the shape and packaging: simple and immediate, it makes a good impression on the counter and attracts attention.” (Pedro Matos Maceli, The Pissed Bartender)

Squeezita is a single solution with which to satisfy customers and receipts and propose delicious combinations to increase the average receipt. Do you want to know more about dispensers for bars, ice cream parlors and pastry shops? Write us an email here .
July 21, 2021