The phenomenon of waste has an important environmental, social and economic impact. It is estimated that ⅓ of all food produced in the world is lost in the transition from producer to consumer and that the greatest amount of food wasted occurs in high-income countries - about 56% of the total. Catering businesses can take an active part in the fight against food waste by implementing flexible production models, optimizing resources with adequate equipment and joining virtuous circuits such as Too Good To Go . Let's see below how and with what advantages.

Food waste: what it is and how relevant it is in catering

Given the importance of the phenomenon, the fight against food waste is one of the objectives of the Agenda for Sustainable Development and foresees the halving of the per capita loss of food, for sale and consumption, by 2030. And also the catering services are called to implement concrete actions aimed at reducing food waste.

Source: adapted from, food loss and waste infographic.

3 practices to reduce food waste

Minimizing leftovers and enhancing waste is possible and there are at least 3 anti-waste practices that restaurateurs and bar managers can implement:

1. Filling on demand

How many croissants remain unsold in the shop window because the filling does not meet the taste of the latest arrivals? Maybe one day none, the next day many.
You can prevent such inventories with careful inventory replenishment and on-demand product preparation. This is what allows you to make the filling on the spot with the Squeezita dispenser : you no longer have to guess about the customers' variable tastes; you will be able to defrost a smaller number of brioches at a time and, why not, gain interest in the eyes of the most demanding customers who require particular tastes or croissants with two creams.

2. Just-in-time cooking

Based on your experience, you will be able to define the minimum number of croissants you will need to have at the counter, but how can you predict the exact number of sales each day?

The solution we propose for the variable part is cooking on the spot , i.e. it is cooked only at the request of the customer when there is effective demand. How is it possible? Thanks to the Combi Wave countertop oven , equipped with a technology that allows very rapid cooking and minimum energy consumption .

3. Joining virtuous circles

By applying the two practices above, you will minimize the cases where production exceeds or does not meet demand, but how can you attempt to completely zero inventories?
To close the virtuous circle of good practices for reducing food waste, you can sign up for food recycling services such as Too Good To Go . In fact, by joining the circuit, you will recover the costs of unsold food by selling it online in a magic box format, a surprise selection of products at reduced prices. In this way it also gains the visibility of the activity by confirming your respect for food as a precious commodity and the awareness of a common responsibility towards the planet.

How does Too Good To Go work?

Too Good To Go helps to sell unsold surpluses at a discounted price and in the Magic Box format, packs with a surprise selection of fresh foods and dishes that cannot be put back on sale the next day. This formula is simple for both the customer and the merchant, because it offers the advantage of not having a fixed catalog to follow and of changing the offer every day based on the unsold of the day.
To join Too Good To Go, simply download the application for free on the App Store or Google Play and create a profile of the venue and update it daily by indicating the available number of Magic Boxes, the time slot and the pick-up location you prefer. Once the user purchases a Box, he has time to collect the order within the established time by presenting the booking confirmation to the shopkeeper via the app.
We at Techfood want to make a concrete commitment alongside our customers in reducing food waste, so we have decided to give you the cost of the annual subscription to the Too Good To Go platform as a gift.
Thanks to Techfood, if you subscribe to the app, in fact, you will be able to enjoy an annual subscription to the free service. The offer is reserved only for our customers who want to refuse waste and enhance their business here and now.
September 01, 2021