From 22 to 26 October at stand B10 in pavilion 13 of HOST 2021 you will be able to see in person Steamì and Ginny 4.0, the two new technologies that Techfood has studied for quick catering, especially for places without a chimney. Waiting to show you the proposals up close, we present them to you in a sort of preview of the preview.
With more than 2 thousand exhibitors from over 40 countries - and the aim of supporting companies that choose the exhibition tool as a showcase - HOST2021 reopens the gates of Milano Fiere together with TUTTOFOOD . In fact, the two trade fair appointments join forces in the name of the concept of the total supply chain: from semi-finished products to transformation and equipment, up to purchasing opportunities and styles of consumption away from home. An unparalleled panorama of chains, an important opportunity to learn about new ideas with which to grow your business.

Full steam cooking with Steamì

Steamì Techfood is a technology that revolutionizes not only the cooking of dishes, but also the storage in small rooms. It is in fact a machine equipped with a steam wand with which to regenerate dehydrated and protein products such as soups, sauces, pasta, risottos and even eggs in just a few seconds.
The Steamì steam wand is somewhat reminiscent of that of the coffee machine ” explains Gabriele Iori, Techfood marketing and communication manager. “Its internal structure allows you to bring the water to a high temperature in a short time and to process more products easily. Together with the machine we will supply cups with caps to shake the product and carafes for larger portions”.

We have created Steamì Techfood to allow bars and small cafeterias to work in the absence of a flue and with limited space in the warehouse and pantry. Furthermore, the on-demand use of long-life freeze-dried products is another step forward that Techfood takes in limiting food waste. A goal to which we have already been committed for years with more activities, such as the partnership with Too Good To Go.

Instant coffee shop with Ginny 4.0 to make your time count

After the success of the Squeezita dispensers and an analysis of upcoming trends, Techfood has decided to implement the breakfast bar experience with a new solution. Indeed, in the last two years, the format of the café has evolved taking into account new habits, especially in cities with a high rate of smart working.
The latest research shows that two breakfasts are made: one at home and a second at the bar. With the double breakfast, the demand for alternatives to espresso is growing to allow yourself a moment of relaxation without the surge in caffeine. And so Techfood has developed a machine for the instant preparation of soluble drinks .
“Ginny 4.0 is a solution dedicated to all types of soluble products” explains Gabriele Iori. “It is programmed for two preparations – small and large cup, but above all it is smart. It connects to the phone via an app with which it is possible to manage the quantity of product dispensed, limiting waste or customizing the recipe, or send assistance notifications immediately. It is also an interesting solution because being a 4.0 machine you can access the 50% tax credit on capital goods , which can be combined with the south bonus where applicable” .

Simone Rugiati and Il Barista Incazzato guests at HOST2021

At the Techfood stand you can personally attend the preview of the two solutions and more. Our exceptional testimonials are also waiting for you:
    • October 25th at 12:00 - Simone Rugiati cooking show
      After the success of the four recipes studied by the chef for Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart , Rugiati presents two new dishes made exclusively with Techfood multipurpose ovens. Appointment at stand B10 hall 13.
    • 23rd and 24th October at 11:00 - The Pissed off Barista live show
      The influencer best known by bartenders is our guest in pavilion 4 stand B30, where he awaits fans for photos, selfies and a personal demonstration on the use of Squeezita .

TUTTOFOOD and HostMilano will therefore represent a unique opportunity to discuss with us, our sales representatives and our testimonials on the efficiency of Techfood products. We look forward to seeing you at Fieramilano from 22 to 26 October.
October 07, 2021