Full steam on demand preparation , this is the principle of Steamì, the new Techfood solution equipped with a steam wand to regenerate pre-cooked and dehydrated products. It is designed for bars, bistros and hotels that want to offer healthy brunches and quick first courses such as soups, purées, pasta and risottos without the need for a chimney, as Gabriele Iori , Marketing Manager of Techfood, explains best.

How did the idea of ​​Steamì come about?

It all started from our market research which showed that steam cooking is both an interesting alternative for a healthier offer and an extremely versatile technology , because it allows you to process many products. There are already ovens that use combined steam systems, but they take up a lot of space for a small room.
From these assumptions we have studied Steamì , which uses steam to cook and has compact dimensions compatible with those of a counter (only 25 cm in size). What's more, Steamì resembles the steam wand of the coffee machine in bars, therefore it represents an immediate and intuitive solution for those who use it.
To these technical aspects there is also a reflection on the sales format with Steamì. Given the growing trend of to-go and delivery solutions, we have developed the machine thinking about making it compatible with take-away cups .

How do you imagine fast food restaurants in the coming years?

More than imagining it, I already see it because it's real. The catering industry in the coming years is already taking shape, as evidenced by the difficulties in finding personnel and the need for smart and uncomplicated equipment both in use and in cleaning .
We need to address these issues in order to adequately respond to local needs. If the skills of trained employees are lacking, the staff is reduced and there is a need to rely on machines that are fast, intuitive and easy to disassemble and sanitize. Techfood has always offered integrated start-stop solutions , we will continue to do so with particular attention to their usability.

Prepare the cup-to-go with the Steamì steam wand

Preparing a first course, a second course or a protein breakfast is simple with the Steamì steam wand. All you need to do is pour the food product into the cup, select the recipe from the display and start preparation. At the end of cooking you will get a steaming cup to be sold in a to-go or delivery version. Steamì was also tested by the influencer Il Barista Incazzato, who immediately wanted to make a take-away portion of scrambled eggs.

Steamì is one of the two new solutions presented at HOST 2021. Discover the potential of Ginny 4.0, the other technology for instant hot drinks.
November 19, 2021