Ginny4.0 is the Techfood novelty born with the aim of going beyond the classic technologies of professional barley and ginseng machines and proposing an innovative and truly 4.0 solution. It connects to the smartphone via the app , from which it is possible to manage and customize the delivery methods and send assistance notifications immediately.
Ginny4.0 is also part of the equipment recognized by the 50% tax credit on capital goods, which can be combined with the South Bonus where applicable. We talked about its advantages with Gabriele Iori , Marketing Manager Techfood.

Smart innovation, how was the Ginny4.0 concept born?

With the launch of Ginny4.0 at HOST 2021 we have taken a step forward towards the technological interconnection between multiple devices , starting from the dialogue between machine and smartphone. The telephone is increasingly essential to carry out our daily activities, with Ginny4.0 it also becomes a professional tool for controlling equipment, facilitating the work of operators.
The concept was born as a response to the needs of bartenders who seek simplicity and immediacy of use in barley and ginseng machines . Most of us have a smartphone and wi-fi is now standard practice in bars. Ginny4.0 combines these aspects to control the customization parameters and consumption management, without forcing you to do it manually on the machine.

What are the advantages of Ginny4.0?

The Ginny4.0 system does not rely on chip cards and RFID as is the case with many barley and ginseng machines on the market. These are based on physical microchips, needed to unlock the machine before use; with Ginny4.0 everything is wireless and card free . The equipment activation process is more immediate and convenient, as is maintenance. In fact, when it detects an error, Ginny4.0 sends notifications to your smartphone to prevent stops and disruptions, allowing you to work continuously . The way it was conceived, and in line with our smart clean concepts , it is intuitive and easy to clean thanks to easily removable components.
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For which activities did you think Ginny4.0?

We turn to bars, which want to satisfy the requests of those looking for an alternative to coffee with ginseng and barley or those who want to experiment with soluble trends such as golden milk or unicorn milk , like the new generations. Ginny4.0 is also a valid solution for all those horeca structures that want to serve instant drinks, for example the restaurant that offers another option to the classic espresso.
Has Ginny4.0 convinced you and would you like to know more about the machine? Send us an email to receive information.
December 02, 2021
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