With the new Dpcm, almost all of Italy is officially in the yellow zone and there are already plans to postpone the start of the curfew to 11pm: two positive news for those who work in the catering sector. With a view to resuming the traditional service, however, we shouldn't forget how much take away can still be useful for Italian restaurants .

The limited number of seats, the reduced hours and the current obligation to serve only outdoors make take away a strategy parallel to direct sales , and not just a temporary alternative. To reiterate the importance of this resource, on Monday 10 May we broadcast a free webinar dedicated to takeaway that works on YouTube . We tell you the most salient points highlighted by chef Eugenia Botti during the live broadcast.

All day long sale

The reality of these times has led many bars and clubs to reinvent themselves. Damiano Possenti, partner of the horeca consultancy firm Progettica also says it : «simplify, adapt, spread. 2020 has shown that daytime bars capable of transforming themselves from single-occasion to multi-occasion will benefit, equipping themselves to create an interesting and attractive proposal throughout the day». Among these all-day long strategies, takeaway works more than others , especially at a time when the curfew still limits the times of administration in the club. And the most suitable equipment to satisfy this need are the Combi ovens .
As Eugenia Botti explains in the Techfood video course, Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart are two interesting solutions for those who want to implement the take away or delivery service, even in the absence of a flue and in confined spaces . The possibility of using only one machine for several cooking processes represents an advantage in terms of space and energy savings.

Savings goal

One of the major objections when wondering if take-away works is precisely the excessive cost of heating, using and maintaining the temperature of the equipment for a lower number of preparations than usual. However, the efficiency of the equipment can make the difference. In fact, Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart require less energy in pre-cooking heating and cooking 20 times faster, they also reduce machine activity times at high temperatures.
Furthermore, as a saving, you will go to solve the disposal of used oils since the Techfood ovens allow you to fry without the use of oil. And finally, you can also reduce the number of staff in the kitchen , an advantage to consider in moments of downtime or during days when you know there is less demand.

Super fast service

We have left one of the aspects closest to taking away that works for last: speed. Think about when it will be possible to serve at the table inside and consume over the counter again, now think about how much sales opportunities would increase with a take-away service active at the same time .
The right balance between direct parallel administration and to take home is to study a diversified menu. In the free webinar Eugenia Botti presents you with some of the most requested delivery dishes in the last year , because market study is important to understand customer needs and avoid waste of resources and costs.
We have told you some of the most salient points of the first Techfood webinar dedicated to takeaway, but to learn more about the topics, we refer you to the video on our YouTube channel:

And if you want to continue the free training cycle promoted by Techfood, you can already sign up for the next live broadcast: we'll talk about breakfast on Monday 24 May at 3.00 pm .