The street food bike is a new idea to face the street food market with limited investments, reduced shopping costs and a higher profit margin. According to the latest data collected by Coldiretti , last year the street food business had a further growth of 13% compared to 2015 with over 2,270 companies engaged in itinerant catering. A figure that heralds the assured success also for 2017, especially with the start of the summer and the climate that invites the public to spend their evenings outdoors. In a previous article we have already addressed the considerable sales opportunities by exploiting the street food format, today we will talk about the latest innovation proposed by Techfood.

Street food bike, the novelty of Techfood

Ecological, practical and scenic. If you had to describe Techfood's Ice n Roll e-bike in three words, these would certainly be used.
The Techfood street food bike allows you to overcome any bureaucratic obstacle on the circulation of vehicles in ZTL areas or in historic centers because it is an electric and ecological bicycle. In street food it often happens that you have to give up a possibility of sale precisely because of traffic blocks or impositions on the circulation of vehicles. However, with the Techfood e-bike it is possible to move and position yourself in any place, choosing the most strategic ones in full freedom of movement. In addition, the pedal assistance system helps transport the entire equipment effortlessly.
Techfood's street food bike is equipped with Ice n Roll, the plate for instant freezing of ice cream that allows you to prepare one or more portions without any waste. Easy and practical to use, the Ice n Roll plate prepares an ice cream rolled up on itself in just a few seconds. The e-bike for the street food formula is sold together with the recipe book with some of the most creative recipes for preparing Ice n Roll. From cream ice cream to fruit ice cream, passing through real imaginative combinations such as cheeses and cocktails. The street food formula is ideal for placing Ice n Roll at any type of event and time. Thanks to the versatility in the preparation of ice cream, flavors can be prepared according to the preferences of the individual customer or the time of day. For example, in the afternoon we advise you to offer fruit and cream flavors, while during happy hour you offer a different menu with Ice n Roll with Spritz, Campari, Mojito or cheese.
Discover the advice of the Techfood chef to create ice cream with Ice n Roll
The instantaneous preparation of ice cream on the Ice n Roll street food bike makes the scenographic moment capable of intriguing people, multiplying the chances of sales and success.
Watch the spectacular preparation of Ice n Roll

The Techfood street food bike allows you to expand your sales possibilities with a reduced investment without any interest. Innovative, practical and functional, the Ice n Roll e-bike is customizable and does not require any particular specialization in use. Are you interested in the Techfood novelty on two wheels? Write to us at