Ice cream machines, which ones to choose for your business? There are many types of machinery for the preparation of ice cream and sometimes the choice is difficult. Summer is one of the moments in which not only ice cream parlors and pastry shops, but also bars and restaurants can find an extra possibility of earning from the sale of ice creams. Find out what questions to ask yourself before choosing the most suitable ice cream machine for your business.

Ice cream machines: bulk or packaged ice cream?

It is the first question to ask yourself to choose the path to take. Bulk ice cream to be served in cones or cups has high profit margins, but requires more time, personnel and resources to create the product. If your place has limited staff, managing ice cream preparation and machine maintenance could become a point against you. In this case, a fresh proposal can be kept on the menu by offering packaged ice cream, as in the case of Choco Gelato .
Summer version of Choco Kebab , Choco Gelato is a popsicle sold in individual cone-shaped packages made from the curls of Choco Kebab flavored with Cremino Piemontese. Instead of filling the kebab, ice cream cones are prepared which are easy to sell with the take away formula. The machine to keep it at the ideal temperature is proposed together with the product. A perfect solution for venues that want to expand their offer without investing too much time and resources in the preparation of ice cream.

What is the target audience?

Your clientele must be an influencing factor when choosing between ice cream machines. Understanding what values ​​your restaurant offers and the public it refers to are also important analyzes when it comes to investing in machinery. For example, if your place offers aperitifs and the target audience is an adult public who consumes original and refined dishes, you can focus on the uniqueness of Ice n Roll , the plate that allows you to instantly cream ice cream of any flavour. You can even prepare alcoholic ice creams with a Spritz, Campari or Mojito flavour.
To create Mojito flavored Ice n Roll, for example, all you need is:
- 50g of water-based Ice n Roll mix
- 80g of water
- 5g of rum
- ½ lime
- fresh mint
Discover all the Ice n Roll recipes
On the other hand, if your place refers to a younger audience, you can focus on an ice cream to which you can add any type of topping. In this way, even a small bar can have a corner for selling ice cream in an original way with great appeal. Soft ice cream or frozen yogurt lends itself perfectly to the most extravagant and delicious requests, prepare your corner dedicated to frozen yogurt with bowls full of sprinkles, fruit, biscuits and sweets. With this type of topping you will surely conquer the younger audience. Among the ice cream and yogurt machines, YO4ME is one of the most popular Techfood proposals because it is simple to use and easy to maintain and clean.

Fixed or mobile location?

The choice of station is important when deciding which ice cream machines to buy. It is essential to understand whether the ice cream offer is a seasonal or annual offer, and above all the purpose of the sale. For this reason, evaluating streety options as well could prove to be an element in favor of choosing a mobile workstation. If you prefer to focus on the seasonality of a product such as ice cream, the fixed location could get in the way when the season changes. Techfood has created two on the road versions for Ice n Roll, which allow you to have a mobile workstation that can be stored in the warehouse when not in use without taking up too much space. The first proposal is the DIY corner that is easy to assemble and to position at any point, while the second is this year's novelty: an e-bike with a fridge and plate for freezing ice cream. Convenient to store not only in the warehouse, but also in the garage!
Choosing the right instrumentation is never simple, but among the ice cream machines Techfood has been proposing solutions for every type of venue and need for years. Do you need our advice to increase revenues with the sale of ice cream? Contact us for more information.
June 15, 2017