Among the ideas to attract customers, 2017 gives us Choco Burger , the new concept of chocolate. An incredible novelty proposed by Techfood and presented in an exclusive preview at Sigep in Rimini, where it met with resounding success.

Choco Burger, the golden disc of chocolate

A sweet chocolate medallion enclosed in two pods specially designed to make the final product a unique experience, this is how Choco Burger presents itself. The new solution for any type of venue, one of a kind and studied in detail. Starting with the wafers that have the classic rounded shape of a hamburger on the outside, while the inside features the typical crunchy grid of waffles. Inside the sandwich, each box becomes an efficient space for the filling, making Choco Burger even tastier without compromising the simplicity of eating it. Despite the incredible number of toppings with which it can be enriched, the sandwich will always remain easy to enjoy.
There are four variants of Choco Burger: white chocolate and biscuit, dark chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate with orange and cinnamon, and milk chocolate and amaretto. The Techfood chefs have been able to prepare an exclusive balanced recipe capable of bringing out every taste from bite to bite.

The corner dedicated to Choco Burger

The pleasure of watching the dish being prepared is one of the many strategies and ideas designed specifically for the Choco Burger corner shop to attract customers. This consists of the machine for preparing the waffles and the vintage-style display case containing the burgers divided by taste. The chocolate disks are well displayed to the public and individually packaged to keep their quality intact until the moment of consumption.
The plate has the same size as Rondò Unika and has a particular shape entirely developed for Choco Burger. The machine is in fact equipped with 6 spaces: 3 for the lower part of the sandwich, as many for the upper part. As we have already mentioned, the latter are characterized by the typical waffle grid, allowing you to add any type of filling to the Choco Burger.

Ideas to attract customers

Choco Burger was born from Techfood's twenty years of experience in the field of innovation for catering, a product capable of expanding the offer of a place by stimulating sales and surprising the final customer. Choco Burger is one of the most innovative ideas for attracting customers for any type of business: from ice cream parlors that want to diversify their offer in the winter period, to bars that want to expand their menu by offering an attractive, quality product.
Choco Burger is also perfect for all street solutions that offer street food. In fact, the streety version of the fixed corner was presented at Sigep in Rimini: a highly branded cart that allows you to offer a product with countless sales possibilities in a small space.
If you are interested in Choco Burger, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the new chocolate experience. A sweet revolution born from the Techfood experience.

January 27, 2017