Indecision, mistrust, prudence: this is how it feels when you make an investment for your restaurant. The choice of any type of equipment is a source of stress, even more so when it comes to an oven for bars because both supply and revenues will depend on it. With this article we want to remove any doubts and speed up decision times, offering you all the good reasons why Combi Wave beats any traditional solution.

All crazy about Combi Wave

For whom is it indicated?

Combi Wave is the oven for bars, restaurants and hotels that does not require an extraction system. It is an ideal solution for both small and large restaurants, as it is able to cook any dish for a large number of people. The fact that it does not require a flue and its small footprint allow it to be positioned anywhere in the room.

Eugenia Botti, chef of the Sano Italiano restaurant, confirms the practical versatility of the oven , which easily adapts to the restaurant's proposal and customer requests:

Combi Wave is evolution made into a machine. It's not just a combi oven, but an intelligent cooking system that adapts to any type of kitchen, allowing you to offer a large, varied menu and above all always made "on demand". This means expanding its offer, evolving with the customer who is always looking for new things.

To prepare which menus?

Combi Wave is indispensable for preparing an incredible assortment of dishes in a few moments, from sweet to savoury. Thanks to the integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system, it allows you to cook, heat, defrost, boil, toast, grill and fry any food without oil.

One of Combi Wave's specialties is frying without oil, much lighter than the traditional one. You will no longer need a fryer and an extractor hood, with just one bar oven you can satisfy even the most delicious requests as Jacopo Favero, manager of Luci Coffee did:

French fries prepared with Combi Wave are in great demand due to their lightness. Despite cooking, their typical flavor does not change. In addition to fries, fried chicken wings are snapped up. We have prepared plenty in recent months, discovering that some customers came to have an aperitif with us to taste the wings. Every time we offer them for the buffet we cook about 5/6 kg. Customers are really crazy.

How long does it cook?

For many who have already tried Combi Wave, the best quality is the cooking speed. Prep times can be reduced by a factor of 10, allowing you more time for more servings. Tina Espostito of the Green Garden in Riccione chose the Techfood bar oven for this very reason :

I bought Combi Wave to speed up times and propose more dishes, because it gives me the possibility of always offering a hot and good aperitif. The speed in preparing the dishes is essential for a bar with a large turnout and many requests. Before, it took me about three hours to cook a buffet for an aperitif, but now in less than an hour I have everything ready and many times I prepare the dishes on the spot.

Combi Wave VS the traditional bar oven

Tina Esposito's story helps to understand how with Combi Wave cooking is faster, so much so that in that case it takes a third less time than the classic one. For this reason, the Techfood oven is a solution capable of satisfying the needs of large catering, adapting perfectly to the needs of chains, fast food restaurants and canteens.

Here are some speed records that Combi Wave broke:

Table with cooking times for Combi Wave compared to times for a normal bar oven

To prepare a hamburger, therefore, you will only need 90 seconds of time, for a total of 40 portions made every hour.

Speed, versatility and quality, these are therefore the three basic reasons for choosing Combi Wave over any other oven for bars. Added to these is the great ease of use, which will allow you to further save on personnel costs. You will not need specialized personnel, usually more expensive. Also in this case, a reduced cost item.

If you want to break every record, now is the right time to discover all the advantages of Combi Wave .

July 12, 2018