There are many places that choose to combine the traditional service with a street cooking activity to increase sales. While summer is the peak time for itinerant trading, winter can also offer great earning potential . The secret is to adapt the proposal to the harshest climate, pampering passers-by with hot preparations. In this regard, we want to introduce you to two new Techfood technologies that are perfect for street food carts .

Street food: size is the first factor of choice

Whether it's a food truck, a mobile kiosk or Christmas houses, the space for a mobile street food is reduced compared to the back counter of a bar or the laboratory of an ice cream shop. For this reason, the size is one of the main factors in choosing the equipment for the street kitchen . There are many solutions to limit the obstacles and make you move freely, Rondò Unika and Choco are the proposals that we present to you today, you can offer 8 different preparations with the space occupied by only 2 machines.

Rondò Unika: one machine, six plates

Rondò Unika is one of Techfood's most famous equipment for bars and restaurants. It is recognized for its great versatility, which makes it a machine for crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, waffles and pancakes depending on the plate used.

One of the 2018 novelties is the introduction of the professional pancake maker . Thanks to this new accessory you will be able to serve the famous American pancakes from your stand in no time. The new pancake maker makes it possible to prepare 4 portions at the same time in 120 seconds and to offer the customer an irresistible hot, freshly baked snack.

With just one click you can change the hot plate in total safety, replacing it with another of the six Rondò Unikas. In this way you will optimize the use of the pancake machine with the possibility of satisfying more customer requests and earning money at all times of the day. Rondò Unika also lends itself perfectly to a non-sweet proposal. Indeed, thanks to the crepe and churros plates, you can add savory crepes and churros to your street food. Summarizing the many potentials, Rondò Unika allows you to offer sweet and savory street food with the flavor of crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, wafers and pancakes.

Do you want to add two new molds to your Rondò Unika? Take advantage of the promotion for a pair of plates of your choice and 30 kg of food preparation for €78 a month .

Choco: the inviting chocolate factory

The second street food solution that we present to you today is Choco, a single location to sell Choco Burger and Choco Kebab . It is another 2018 novelty born in the Techfood laboratory with the aim of improving the sales experience, especially in the case of street cooking. In fact, Choco makes it possible to halve space and energy consumption, offering two different proposals .

The classic Choco Kebab showcase has been adapted to also display the chocolate discs of Choco Burger , for an inimitable chocolate proposal. You can place the Choco station on your street food carts and double the offer.

Choco Burger is the chocolate hamburger formed by a sweet medallion wrapped in two waffles. The chocolate disc comes in 4 flavor variations: amaretto, orange and cinnamon, biscuit, hazelnuts. Choco Kebab is instead the sweet kebab stuffed with curls of Piedmontese cremino, cream, fruit, ice cream and toppings of all kinds. The chocolate cylinder available on Choco is 5 kg, it will be enough to make customers fall in love with your proposal.

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Street food stand: Techfood excellence Barawards

Not only equipment for bars and restaurants that want to expand their street food business, Techfood has the best street food vehicle awarded at the 2017 Barawards . We are talking about the Street Food E-Bike, a pedal assisted bicycle with everything needed for itinerant trade. The electric vehicle is perfect for this type of activity, find out what the winning solution among the street food stands .

December 17, 2018
Tags: street food