How to increase sales? One of the questions we are asked most by the managers of bars, ice cream parlors and clubs. Increasing receipts allows not only to earn more, but also to have a possible economic availability for an investment in equipment and personnel. There are many strategies for making money with a bar , so many that there is no real manual with guidelines. However, there are tricks and choices that can boost sales, such as differentiating yourself from the competition .
An offer different from your competitors, in fact, transforms your restaurant into the only one to offer a specific product. One of the most exclusive products of the moment is Bubble Waffle, the waffle with bubbles . Let's find out its features together and how to increase sales with this new idea.

What is Bubble Waffle?

Bubble Waffle is a waffle with a characteristic and recognizable shape. Instead of the classic honeycomb grid, the wafer is made up of many small dough bubbles with a crunchy taste. Also known as Egg Waffle , it is a traditional street food born in Hong Kong that has been depopulating all over the world in recent years. Suffice it to say that on Instagram alone, over 105,000 posts are tagged with #bubblewaffle . Bubble Waffle is not yet widespread in Italy, but the demand for such an original product is growing more and more. That's why it's ideal for increasing the success of a club.

How do you make Bubble Waffles?

Thanks to the special machine, you can prepare the wafer with the bubbles on demand and in a few moments and then fill it as desired . The Techfood countertop machine has an attractive design and above all, it does not require an extractor hood . The latter is a highly valuable feature for all those premises that do not have filtering systems, the installation of which would involve an excessive expense. You can therefore place it in any space, even outdoors or on a street food station.
Preparing Bubble Waffles is easy and does not require qualified personnel . All you have to do is separate the two Teflon non-stick plates, pour the food preparation, close the upper plate and wait for the cooking to finish.
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How to increase sales with Bubble Waffle?

Let's get to the point: after understanding what Bubble Waffle is and how to prepare it, the time has come to explain how to increase sales with this product.
Let's start from the assumption that Bubble Waffle is an extremely flexible product, adapting to any type of activity. Its shape allows it to be served at the table like a classic waffle or rolled up for a take away proposal. Perfect for bars and ice cream shops, it is the idea that will differentiate your offer from the competition, proposing a much loved and requested product that is not too widespread in Italy.
The versatility of Bubble Waffle also lies in the taste, which allows you to cover all moments of the day. You can fill the wafer with fruit, grains, ice cream and toppings for a sweet taste. On the contrary, Bubble Waffles can also be prepared in a savory version and enriched with cured meats, cheeses and fresh or cooked vegetables. You can also present it in a colored version or with filled bubbles for an even more satisfying experience.
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Bubble Waffle not only helps to increase sales by offering a varied and rich menu, but also allows you to reduce waste. The on-demand cooking of each single pod reduces waste, allowing you to save on food costs.
With Bubble Waffle you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, offering an original proposal that adapts to every business, able to reduce costs and waste thanks to the on demand formula. These are just some of the reasons that confirm how to increase sales with Bubble Waffle. Are you convinced and want to know more about Bubble Waffle? Contact us for all the details .
June 07, 2018
Tags: bar Gelateria